Study shows: babysitting protects granny from dementia

Study shows: babysitting protects granny from dementia

When grandma cares for the children, does not only relieves us, mothers – it’s also good for the grandmother’s brain, as a study shows.

Well, did you have a guilty conscience again, because you used to granny’s grandma for babysitting during the holidays? Absolutely unnecessary! Because a study shows that you even do something good for your mothers: babysitting is good for your brain.

For the study of the Women’s Health Aging Project in Australia, 186 women aged 57 to 68 were examined. Above all, the scientists examined the women’s memory and the influence of their handling of the grandchildren on it.

Babysitting once a week makes the brain fit

The result is astonishing: it clearly improves brain performance when the grandmothers have regular contact with the grandchildren. The best was the grandmothers, who take care of their grandchildren once a week.

Good news for those who depend on their grandparents – or want to encourage them to guard the offspring more often. Even if grandchildren are good for health, there is hardly any argument against the sitting practice.


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