Study: The more time you spend with your mother, the longer she lives

Study: The more time you spend with your mother, the longer she lives

How often do you see your mothers? Or fathers? Several times a week? Congratulation! Then they support you, if you have children, certainly in everyday life. That’s nice for everyone involved! But you may also be one of the many people whose parents live further away. The partner is no longer there. In these cases, you rarely see each other; the contact is often limited to a few phone calls a month. 


With children; job and everyday life. As understandable as that is it’s also a risk. Older people living alone often suffer from loneliness. And it makes you die sooner.

Sociability strengthens the health

Man is a pack animal. Long periods of loneliness, especially if they are not chosen, don’t do any good. Loneliness means tremendous stress on the body, the immune system suffers, and it causes cardiovascular disease and promotes dementia. And, of course, this causes phycological suffering, and this is a high risk of developing depression.

Scientists at the University of California at San Francisco have observed 1,700 people over the age of 71 years for over six years. Their realization: People, who described themselves as lonely, had much more problems in everyday life. And 23 percent of them died after six years compared to just 14 percent of the sociable old.

Do not leave your parents alone in old age!

So if you want to have something of your mothers and fathers for as long as possible, make sure they do not get lonely. Visit them regularly, do something with them (yes, even if it is exhausting at times). Above all, show them that they are not alone and that you love them.

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