Study: This reveals the sleep pattern over sex lif

EARLY ELAN out of bed EARLY …… is not yours? According to a new study that allows conclusions about the sex life.

Some are looking forward to Sunday, because then they can finally sleep until noon, others, because they have already completed their jogging round, have breakfast homemade porridge and changed their living room furniture. Night Owls and Early Birds – each as their individual biorhythm dictates.

According to a new study commissioned by “Sleepopolis”, conducted by the American opinion research institute ” Onepoll “, these two contrasting sleep rhythms are accompanied by other characteristics and habits – which, among other things, affect the sex life.

Sex point: disadvantage night owl

The company uses its data and results from the data of a total of 2,000 Americans in an online survey. One half described themselves as early risers , the other as passionate late sleepers, gender distribution roughly fifty-fifty.

While the night owls reported having sex on average about twice a week, the Early Birds would come three times … uh … into the pleasure. And although early risers say they have less time available: they get an average of seven hours of sleep per night, late risers only six. Seems as if a well- rested quickie is more attractive than tired Blümchensex

Granted, once a week does not sound like a mega difference, but 52 times a year ?! 😱

One explanation for the more active sex life of the early birds , however, could be that they – at least those who took part in the survey – more often married or related in a relationship than the night owls surveyed. And for singles sex twice a week is not at all a bad cut, is it?

Happy early risers, perfectionist night owls

Apart from sex life, there were other noteworthy differences between Early Birds and Night Owls interviewed by OnePoll. For example, the early risers were tend to be sociable, happy and self-confident, while the night owls were rather shy, sarcastic and perfectionist. Fittingly, early birds hobby activities like cooking and going out, while late risers prefer to snuggle up with a good book. And: early risers earned on average more money than late risers .

But even though more money and more sex may sound great and desirable at first, the results of this poll are certainly no reason for any night owl to curse their natural rhythm or strained it. First of all, only 2,000 people were questioned about a small window of their lives here. Second , we can only be happy if we follow our feelings and our nature . And then twice a week sex is certainly enough.

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