Suddenly mother! This 18-year-old gets a real surprise baby

Ebony was not feeling well and she came to the hospital. There she unexpectedly gave birth to a daughter. How was that possible? Click on the video and see the whole story!

Diagnosis: pregnancy poisoning

When she went to bed feeling ill, Ebony Stevenson, 18, had no idea she was pregnant. When she got sick and she suddenly had cramps, her mother Sheree called the ambulance.

At the clinic in Oldham, near Manchester, doctors discovered that Ebony was very pregnant and was suffering from pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy poisoning. They gave birth to their baby by emergency cesarean section.

When Ebony opened her eyes, she woke unexpectedly as the mother of a small daughter. But why had not she noticed? Why had she got her period as usual? Why did not she have a baby belly?

How was that possible?

The Resolution: Ebony has two wombs, according to the BBC, and the baby grew up in the back of the uterus, so she did not get a stomach. The rare “uterus didelphys” is a congenital uterine malformation with a double uterus.

When Ebony awoke from the anesthetic, the baby was immediately put on her chest. Deeply irritated, she asked the sisters to take the child back, as it must be a mistake.

But her mother explained what had happened, and the sisters gave her back the baby so that she could really embrace her for the first time. Ebony said about this moment: “Although I was so confused – and quite scared – it was a beautiful moment.” The physiotherapy student gave her daughter the beautiful name Elodie.

“Seeing my baby was so surreal,” Ebony said, “it did not feel like it from this world.”

Of course, the unexpected motherhood also brought with it fears: “I was worried that I would not be able to build closeness to my daughter because I had not had time to deal with her arrival, but I think she’s mind-boggling I would not trade Elodie for anything in the world, “she told BBC.

Videotipp: Only abdominal pain – or even a baby?

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