Survey shows: For these reasons, men really want to marry

Men marry for love? Or rather, because the right time for a marriage has come? A tweet brings light into the darkness.

You want to marry for years, but your lover is not yet “ready” for it? A typical scenario. So typical that Twitter user “T0nit0ne” thought: I ask the men but now directly. Do you get married when you find the right person or rather because you think the time is right for a wedding?

Interesting question: After all, you can meet the love of his life even at 16. But marry? Especially men let it know time!

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What did the men answer?

Many of the men agreed that men would marry for timing rather than love. Here is a selection from the thousands of answers.

Now I am marrying someone!

This man says that it breaks his heart: he was 6 years together with his dream wife, but never married her, because he thought the time was wrong. She then left him. His life is now very sad and he will probably marry just any woman.

True to 100 percent!

Other men also regret their decisions not to have married. A man fully agrees with the Twitter post of “t0nit0ne”. He too missed to marry the love of his life.

Of course, men also write that they have married their great love from the spot away – however, surprisingly many tell how they missed to give their dream wife the marriage promise. Sad but true.

In the end, the result was as follows: The number of men who married their great love was about the same as those of those men for whom the right timing was crucial.

Now we have to take our own nose. How are you all doing?

Are you interested in the subject of wedding ? Then have a look at Pinterest !

Diese Sternzeichen heiraten (fast) nie!

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