Survey shows: Men prefer this age difference in the relationship

In love, age does not matter? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! According to a survey, men have a clear idea of ​​how old their partner should be …

Celebrity “dream couples” like Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz or George and Amal Clooney are the living proof: Even between people with a big age difference (both couples are 17 years) a happy partnership is possible. But the more intergenerational relationship does not seem to make it more appealing to most …

That’s the perfect age difference from the men’s point of view

In a population-representative survey, ” Parship ” asked a total of 1,000 people what age difference they could or would wish to see in a relationship. And lo and behold: men and women have (in this case fortunately) answered exactly opposite.

From the point of view of most men (30 percent), their partner should ideally be one to five years younger than themselves. Eighteen percent of respondents even preferred a woman by their side, six to ten years younger than them . More than ten years younger? Only for seven percent an option.

However, the men surveyed rated women who are older than them even less likely (but probably only because Heidi has already been taken away): Already with a partner one to five years older, only four percent of the women could be married Introduce survey participants – even older women considered even fewer men for a relationship.

For the men, the absolute majority was: The main thing, my partner is younger than me !

The perfect age difference from the women’s point of view

By contrast, of the interviewed women, about one in four (27 percent) told “Parship” that their partner should ideally be one to five years older than them (meets well!). 20 percent would rather have a partner of the same age (seventeen percent of men opted for this answer), and only one in six women (13 percent) would prefer having a one to five year younger partner . In the case of age differences of over five years, the majority of the surveyed women were cautious in both directions: for ten percent, a six to ten year older man would be an option, but a much younger one would only be seven percent.

The biggest potential for conflict at unequal ages

The most serious obstacles to a partnership with a very large difference in age were seen by most respondents to be disagreements on the issue of having children (men: 48 percent, women: 62 percent) and planning for the future (men: 37 percent, women: 47 percent). Prejudices from family and circle of friends as well as the own health condition considered in each case around 40 per cent of the respondents as problematic.

But while most people seem to have reservations about overly large age differences in the relationship, and indeed there may be some potential for conflict, age is the same thing as looks, education, or even the gender of the partner: never say never , Because when two people really connect true love , it overcomes all obstacles, boundaries and conflicts – even those between generations.

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