Survey shows: most people would like to change their partner – you too?

Of course, we would of course not change our sweetheart – but others obviously! This has at least revealed an anonymous survey now …

Would he just use an emoji every now and then, so I know if he’s fun or serious! Or just show me that he also doubts and has uncertainties!

Uh, sorry, of course we all love our partner exactly as he is, and would not change anything in him, even if we could. Of course, there is nothing to shake, unconditionalness is finally a sign of love ! Okay, if they put a gun to our temples now and force us to say nothing but nothing we’d change, we might be able to get their hands on one or the other with a lot of effort. And if someone would ask us in the protection of anonymity on the Internet …?

3,000 internet users interviewed

ElitePartner just tried it. In an online survey, the Dating Portal asked netizens: “Suppose you could change three things on your partner, which would it be?” Nearly 3,000 adult adults responded, with the most shocking (or reassuring) result at first: only one in six (16 percent) would not change their partner – and the remaining 84 percent had no gun on their temples!

The top 3 men

The male respondents were particularly struck by two things they would like to change about their partner: A majority of 31 percent wish they were sexually active (🤷♀️). And 26 percent would heartily love it, if her sweetheart would nag less (maybe 26 percent of her partner but sometimes give less reason to complain …). With 19 percent in third place, both the desire that she does not become emotional as quickly as she would, she would be neater – and then probably not meant that we should not leave our sexy lingerie and our sex toy lying around , or dear gentlemen …?

The top 3 of the ladies

For the women surveyed, the priority in making a change would not be sexual but emotional: 24 percent would like their partner to speak more often about feelings . More order would find the women proud 23 percent supi and that he generally speaks more , secretly want to prefer 20 percent.

You want to know more? Understandable! In the table we have all results for you with percentages and the ranking for the men. The data comes from an ElitePartner survey with 2,891 participants.

“If I could change three things on my partner, I would make him …”

women Men Ranking men
… speaks more often about feelings. 24 12 9
… is neater. 23 19 3
… more talk. 20 10 12
… less nagging. 17 26 2
… is more adventurous. 17 12 9
… has a few kilos less. 16 18 5
… is exactly how he is! 16 16 6
… not commented on everything. 14 16 6
… is sexually active. 13 31 1
… is more active in sports. 12 14 8th
… earned more. 11 7 14
… has more humor. 7 9 13
… dresses better. 7 5 15
… does not get emotional so fast. 6 19 3
… is more environmentally aware. 6 4 16
… cares more about body care. 6 2 19
… shows more interest in politics, culture and society. 5 12 9
… has a more prestigious job. 4 4 16
… less concerned with his appearance. 2 4 16

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