Survey shows: This bothers women in sex most of all

Too fast? Too cold? Too impersonal? Or what’s your biggest turn-off in bed? If you can not think of anything, maybe the following survey results will inspire you …

Sex partners can generally do a lot of things right. If they touch us gently and tenderly at very specific parts of the body, are open for experiments and our needs and in the ideal case we are a bit biotic, we are generally already satisfied. On the other hand, they can kill all desire and mood at one stroke. And which “blow” is the most effective, the British media portal ” Dailystar ” has asked his users.

3,300 users voted

The specific question that “Dailystar” asked his users was, “Ladies, what do you do most about sex ?” So that the women did not scratch their hands, the portal offered five answer options for voting, namely

  • Pubic hair not rubbed off
  • halitosis
  • lack of hygiene
  • too little foreplay
  • He goes to his smartphone during intercourse.

Well, an idea …?

In total, around 3,300 women took part in the anonymous survey – with a clear result: Lack of hygiene , ie if the partner stinks, has unwashed feet or dirt under their fingernails, stifles their desire in the bud in 35 percent of respondents .

In second and third largest Abturner landed – at some distance to a stinker in bed, but head-to-head among themselves – too short foreplay (24 percent) and abartigen bad breath (23 percent) .

Cell phone and pubic hair are okay

If the sexual partner fingered his smartphone in the meantime, only a meager 10 percent of the survey participants think that a clean-shaven intimate zone was worth only 8 percent – perhaps because they sometimes synonymous quickly to their BFF texts or relaxed can show their natural growth, who knows.

The good news: Against Abturner number 1 there’s a simple, but very effective means – take a shower together! And if we get it right, we’ll be able to avoid Abturner number 2 …

Videotipp: Survey shows: From 2030 is over with sex

Ab 2030 gibt es keinen Sex mehr: Studie zeigt Gefahr, die wir nicht kommen sehen!

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