Surveys show that those who sleep on this side of the bed are happi

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep! And that’s why, according to polls, we should not leave the “good bedside” to our partner too lightly …

Left or right? Closer to the door or the window? With or without a wall next to you? Finding the right sleeping position is not that easy. It becomes doubly complicated if you then have to agree to all the excess with a partner – who in the worst case has the same preferences as you.

But does not it ultimately matter which side we’re on, as long as the right one is sleeping next to us (and brushing his teeth before going to bed)? Apparently not! Anyway, both Feng Shui experts and different studies suggest that there is a better and a worse side. Oh dear …

Left sleepers are happier

For example, a much cited survey of 3,000 adults commissioned by the Premier Inn hotel chain revealed that people sleeping on the left side of the bed are better off in the morning and more refreshed . In addition, more than a quarter of participating left-sleepers in the survey said they had a positive attitude towards life and less stressed and unhappy feelings, compared to just under a fifth of those who used the law. Coincidence? Perhaps. But another poll from the UK, with 1,000 participants, came to the same conclusion in 2015: Left-sleeper are on average more balanced than right-sleepers .

That says Feng Shui

Even feng shui experts do not generally think that it is a problem on which bed side we sleep. However, their recommendation is often more differentiated than the survey results. For example, the Viennese Riccarda Larcher advises on her website to sleep on the left for the man, the woman on the right . Because the right side of the body of the man is his yang side and this should be as close as possible to the yin of the woman. So, man and woman complement each other best during sleep. Interesting! Is it just the question of what homosexual couples should do with it?

But no matter what polls and Feng Shui say, in the end, anyway, other criteria are much more relevant to our quality of sleep than the question of which side of the bed we are on. Anyone who goes to bed with a bad conscience or 24 To To Dos will not sleep well on the left or right. In addition, the habit certainly plays a big role. Anyone who sleeps on the right side for years and gets along with it will feel more uncomfortable on the left than on the right. But in case of doubt, there’s nothing wrong with alternating, or at least trying out the other perspective. And if not in bed, then at least in other areas of life

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