Suspension bridge trick: So you conquer every heart!

Already tried everything, but the other just does not spark? No topic, that’s what the suspension bridge trick is all about!

Have not we all been in a situation where we’ve been wondering about the question: ” How does he fall in love with me , damn it ?” Well, you can do everything right, some people will never strap on, how great you are … But the probability that the person you want them to do will increase significantly if you use the suspension bridge. Use trick. How it works and what’s behind it, we’ll tell you now.

This is how the hanging bridge trick works

When it comes to hanging bridge trick, especially the type of the date plays a role, with which you want to inspire your crush for you. Not suitable are classic dates such as eating out, drinking a cup of coffee, watching love in the cinema. Perfect to conquer someone’s heart, on the other hand, are dates like:

  • High ropes course
  • climbing hall
  • Bungee Jump / Sky Diving …
  • Watch horror movie
  • Paintball
  • Wakeboard
  • Motorcycle Tour
  • Walk together over a wobbly suspension bridge

In summary: Brilliant activities that increase your adrenaline levels – the higher the better!

What is behind it?

Do not you think? But that’s the way it is!

The exciting date gives you an adrenaline kick , your body is put into a kind of alarm or stress condition . You know that’s because of the freefall or the creepy movie you’re looking at – your (and, above all, his!) Brain but not. For the brain, there are two potential triggers for arousal: the experience and the person who is with you (meaning you) . Mostly, the brain does not choose one or the other, but somehow combines stress and arousal with both. And since butterflies in the stomach and falling in love with the body are stressful, it is very likely to be confused.

How well does the trick work?

How effective the suspension bridge trick is, scientists studied in 1975 in an experiment. One woman conducted interviews with male volunteers in two different situations: on a safe wooden bridge and on the Capilano Canyon Suspension Bridge in Canada, a rickety suspension bridge 137 meters above a rushing river. In the end, the woman gave all subjects her phone number. Of the participants she had interviewed on the suspension bridge, four times as many called as from the others.

Whether that means that your chance to conquer your heart is four times as high in the high ropes course as it is for your favorite Italian, that’s hard to say – but it’s definitely higher on the adventure date!

By the way: Couples can use the suspension bridge trick as well to refresh their feelings for each other and to strengthen their bond . After all, the experience of managing a stress situation together welds you together, and on top of that, together.

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