Swim with dolphins: dreams come true!

Dolphins have a special fascination for us humans. You ask yourself: Where can I swim with dolphins? We will clarify you.

Swim with dolphins: Do not support captivity!

It is the dream of many people: swimming with dolphins! The marine mammals are among the most popular animals. Of course you can see dolphins in zoos and dolphinariums – but there the animals live anything but humanely.

We want to show you, where you can swim with dolphins in the wild and what you need to consider in this experience.

Swim with dolphins: 4 great places!

Kaikoura, New Zealand:

Kalkoura is one of New Zealand’s most popular places. There are agencies offering a trip to the open sea. The animals are not specifically attracted with food , so that they do not get dependent on tourism.

As with all places it is important that the dolphins come to the boats of their own free will. Therefore, of course, there can be no guarantee that you actually encounter the marine mammals. The chances, however, are relatively high.

Nelson Bay, Australia:

Humpback whales and dolphins can be found in Nelson Bay. You can go on a discovery tour with excursion boats and let yourself be surprised which animals contact you.

However, according to “Marco Polo” , Nelson Bay has such an intense schedule of tours that the marine mammals are more likely to be scared off, and Muttonbird Island is the safer alternative where the dolphins’ habitat is more protected.


Australia is too far for you? No problem! It is even possible to immerse yourself in the world of dolphins within Europe . The Azores are located about 1000 kilometers west of Portugal.

There are two to three ways to swim with dolphins in three to four hour boat trips. You can see, for example, the Atlantic spotted dolphin or the bottlenose dolphin in the wild. What an experience!

Molat, Croatia:

Also not far away is the Croatian island of Molat. Another way to see dolphins up close. The special feature: you can even watch dolphins on a kayak tour. The Blue World Institute even offers to adopt a dolphin.

Swim with dolphins: 4 important tips

  • Caution: dolphins in the wild are quite unpredictable and not as harmless as their smile often suggests. The marine mammals are able to kill sharks. Before each tour, you should therefore pay close attention to the security information.
  • No dolphinaria: Recently, the dolphin catch in Japan was expanded again. According to the animal welfare organization “Peta” , you can help with dolphins hunting in parks or dolphinariums, because the livestock hunters mainly finance their hunt through the animals they sell to parks.
  • Give the Dolphins the Choice: Just because you’re going by boat to the open sea, no dolphin is bound to come to you. Enjoy it when the marine mammals volunteer to spend some time interacting with you. But do not chase them when they swim away again. Constant contact with humans causes stress to dolphins and restricts them in their actual tasks (foraging, raising the little ones).
  • Begin to sing: According to tour guides, it should actually help to sing underwater while snorkeling – as far as possible. The animals respond to your sounds by jumping over the water, for example.

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