Swollen hands in pregnancy – what helps?

Fat feet and swollen hands in pregnancy – at some point, most expectant moms have to fight with it. What you can do against the nasty water retention, you will learn here.

Water retention in the hands, legs and feet is not uncommon in pregnancy . Especially in the last trimester swollen hands and feet heaped up. This is uncomfortable, but no need to worry. With a few simple measures, you can easily counteract swollen hands during pregnancy.

Swollen hands during pregnancy: How do water retention occur?

Not only does your blood volume increase during pregnancy, so does the amount of water in your body. This is mainly because your blood vessels become more elastic and permeable . The fluid contained in the blood passes more easily into the adjacent tissue and water retention, also called edema arise. At the same time, your calf muscle pump, which is pumping your blood back up from below, is not quite as active during pregnancy. The result: The blood flows more slowly through the blood vessels and more fluid can flow more into the surrounding tissue. Especially on warm days, after standing or sitting for a long time, swelling of the legs and hands is often noticeable.

Until the birth of your baby, the stored water in your body can even make up four to six kilograms . But do not worry, one to two days after delivery, the water has disappeared by itself.

You can do that against swollen hands in pregnancy

1. Healthy Eating: Take care of your diet during pregnancy and eat well and healthy.

2. Salt: In the past, pregnant women with water retention were advised to abstain from salt if possible. This view is now obsolete. So you can continue to eat and season as normal.

3. Water vs. Water: Sounds weird, but by drinking a lot, less water gets into your body. You should take at least two liters of water a day!

4. Stay fit! Whether walking, walking, swimming or cycling – exercise is good for you!

5. Become a left sleeper: Try to sleep on the left side at night. This relieves the vena cava from the pressure of the uterus and promotes blood flow.

6. High hands: keep your hands at heart level. On the other hand, if you let your hands hang, more water collects there.

7. Rest: Bed rest is usually enough to reduce edema. So make yourself comfortable!

8. Warm-cold-warm-cold: alternating showers and brush massages stimulate the blood circulation. This not only promotes fluid transport in your body but also helps with circulatory problems during pregnancy.

IMPORTANT: Dehydrators are taboo to prevent swollen hands during pregnancy. This also applies to herbal remedies such as nettle tea.

Swollen hands during pregnancy: When to go to the doctor?

If your hands, legs, or even your face are particularly swollen, seek immediate attention from your attending physician or contact your midwife! Even if severe pain occurs, do not hesitate for a long time, but rather have it checked off once . For water retention in connection with pain can be evidence of gestosis or prekclampsia – serious pregnancy diseases that need urgent treatment.

Otherwise, swollen hands in pregnancy, although unpleasant, in most cases but harmless.

You want to know what is going on in your current pregnancy week? Everything important around the weeks of pregnancy we have put together for you. And if you want to chat with other mums in the near future, have a look at our great BRIGITTE community .

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