Sympathetic loosening in pregnancy: When every step hurts

Ziepen and pulling in the pelvis knows every pregnant woman. However, if the pain gets worse, it can be the cause of sympathy loosening. What is behind it, we explain here.

Hardly a woman has ever heard of the symphysis – until she becomes pregnant. Because when the belly grows and the baby gains weight, almost every expectant mom feels one or the other nasty pulling in the pubic area. In almost ten percent of all pregnant women, however, permanent symptoms of symphysis develop due to the so-called symphyseal loosening. They usually occur for the first time around the 20th week of pregnancy .

Where is the symphysis?

Due to the hormones released in pregnancy, the symphysis loosens, here pink in the picture.

Not only does the pelvis play an important role in pregnancy and childbirth, it also ensures our upright, safe walk and protects some of our internal organs. It consists of a ring-shaped bone and the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic ring also has three joints: the two iliosacral joints and the symphysis, also called the pubic symphysis. The symphysis connects the left and right pubic bone via a cartilaginous connection, which you can imagine similar to an intervertebral disc.

Symphyseal loosening: What happens during pregnancy with the symphysis

The symphysis usually allows little mobility for the pelvic ring. However, during pregnancy, our body releases the hormone relaxin . This in turn affects the ligaments in our pelvis, making them softer, wider and more elastic – especially in the area of ​​the symphysis and the sacroiliac joints between the intestinal and sacrum. This is normal, but it can also lead to pain . If there is a significant enlargement of the pubic symphysis , the very painful symphyseal loosening develops. Unfortunately, this instability of the pubic symphysis often affects the sacroiliac joints, which in turn causes tension in the lower back .

What are the symptoms of a symphyseal loosening during pregnancy?

A symphyseal loosening in pregnancy is different painful. Indications of a symphyseal loosening are above all:

  • Pain in the area of ​​the pubic bone, the hip, in the groin area
  • Back pain in the lower back
  • The pain increases when climbing stairs, walking and in positions where the legs are spread
  • Turning around while lying down is painful
  • For some, the pain is only occasional, others report major problems and limited mobility

Risk Factors – This favors a symphyseal loosening

Only a few risk factors apply to pregnant women as proven who favor symphysis loosening:

  • earlier back problems
  • Injuries of the hip
  • arthritic joint inflammation
  • Smoke
  • physically hard work

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Symphyseal loosening: This helps against the pain

  • Your midwife can teach you how to strengthen the pelvic floor to reduce stress on your pelvis.
  • A sympathetic belt relieves your symphysis and relieves the pain.
  • Avoid loading as much as possible and take regular breaks.
  • Long walking, heavy lifting and pushing shopping carts can increase the pain.
  • The quadruped position provides relief as it takes the baby's weight off the pelvis.
  • Sit down while putting on panties and pants.
  • Step by step, step by step . First, step on the step with the stronger leg and pull the other leg to the same level.
  • Physiotherapeutic measures, osteopathy and acupuncture can also provide relief.
  • Please no spreading and shearing movements, the cross-legged and big steps are therefore taboo.

  • To sleep, you can also pin a nursing pillow between your legs, which relieves your symphysis.

Caesarean section or normal birth: how to deliver with symphysis loosening?

Even with a symphyseal loosening you can in most cases give birth vaginally . For labor with symmetry, midwives recommend a water birth or birth position in the quadruped stand . Sometimes a cesarean section is still advisable. Your doctor will advise you on this.

Prevent sympension pain

Unfortunately, the problems with the symphyseal loosening usually recur in the following pregnancy , often appear even faster and more violent. Therefore, it is even more important, but also to do sports regularly during pregnancy. In addition, expectant expectant moms should always keep an eye on their weight and watch their diet during pregnancy so they do not overpound too many pounds.

Symphyseal loosening: how long complaints after birth?

It is very different, how long the complaints continue after the birth . Some mums are completely free of complaints after a few weeks, others still have complaints after a year. It is important that you look after your baby as well as possible. A prescribed by the health insurance Maid service can relieve you at home and support. Physiotherapy is still necessary after birth.

You would like to exchange yourself with other affected pregnant women? Then have a look at our BRIGITTE community .

Due to the hormones released in pregnancy, the symphysis loosens, here pink in the picture.

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