Test yourself !: How nice are you really?

Of course, everyone is convinced that they are actually nice. But how is that seen from the outside? Find out how cute you actually are!

Psychotest – entertaining AND useful!

Whether in terms of love, friendship, sex , job or everyday life – in many areas of life, we have difficulty assessing ourselves. Who am I really? What talents and weaknesses do I have? How do I appear to others? How big is my self-esteem? Do I drink too much alcohol? Do I suffer from internet addiction? How good is my general knowledge? Which pet suits me … there are plenty of questions that can be answered with the help of self-tests.

Then it says: “Test yourself” – and you dive into your own psyche. First question, second question, third question … sometimes you already know during a psychological test, in which direction the result will go or whether you will do well or badly in a quiz. In the end it is always interesting to read the result of the psychological test. Also, our test “How nice are you really”, which you can start up, tells you a lot about yourself at the end. Click through times if you have not already done so!

Test yourself even more: our world of psychotests

If you like psycho-tests, then we have plenty of “food” for you! For example, we test your general knowledge – and guess your age based on your answers. Curious? Or would you rather that we check your knowledge about Disney ? Also interesting: Our Psychotest: Do you think like a man or a woman?

Sometimes a BRIGITTE psycho-test also has a spiritual touch, such as, “Are you an old soul , that’s what you recognize!” Here you do not have to answer any questions, but go through a checklist. Another example: which animal is your spiritual companion? Some “Psychotest” is also rather a small quiz, such as: Can you recognize 99 films on a picture? Do you always remember well films that you have seen? Then you have the best chances in this personality test or puzzle.

Try yourself – and test others!

Of course, our psychotests are supposed to entertain you in the first place – but they can also help you to classify your feelings better. You would say that you know your innermost very well? Then you can prove it wonderfully with a self-test. And if you like our psychotests, then share them with a friend. She may also be happy to check her general knowledge or get to know her better with a personality test.

For example, it’s funny to ask each other questions from a psycho-test at a girls’ evening. Reminiscent of teenage years when we did a lot of psycho-reviews from magazines – but it’s just as funny in adulthood!

Click through our category with personality tests . Do you have a favorite psycho test? Is it a self-test or a knowledge test? Whether it’s a psycho-test around the perfect pet, about alcohol or any other problem, about spirituality, sex or relationship rituals – just make it several times if you want or you do not like the result. Some call it cheating – we call it double the fun!

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