Test yourself !: Which feeling controls your life?

At the core of every personality, above all, an emotion dominates all actions – what is it with you?

What we feel, how we act – every aspect of our lives is guided by the emotion that is most deeply rooted in our personality . Anyone who knows this aspect of his subconscious mind can set many points in his life more consciously – or decide differently in individual cases than the sober mind may want.

And what feeling dominates your life? Do the test and find out!

Heart and head – both must decide together

After this test, you will have a much better understanding of what your gut feeling is, and why you instinctively respond in the same way as you do. Now it’s up to you to consider this information in decision-making – and even better to know when to listen to your inner voice, and when you better stay sober and factual.

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