Test yourself !: Which of these shells do you like best spontaneously?

Look at the three shells on the beach and pick a favorite. The answer says a lot about your personality!

From the stomach and without thinking: Which is your favorite shell?

Look at the shells and say spontaneously which of them appeals to you the most. Important: You really only need to listen to your gut feeling and not start thinking which pattern you like best. Listen to your intuition – only this way this test can work!

Shell selected? Then you will now learn what your choice of personality says!

Shell 1: Hard shell, soft core

This shell knows how to defend itself: With sharp spines it keeps all at a distance, who want to hurt her. No wonder: just like the light and dark stripes on her surface, she has experienced the light and dark sides of life. And yet this shell is gentle and smooth behind the spines.

If you like this shell, you have had bad experiences in life. You are a meek and positive person, yet smart enough not to face the world unprotected – after all, not everyone is as friendly as you are.

And exactly with such negative people, you will be very difficult. Unfortunately, in your life, you have to deal with people whose hard, ruthless ways hurt you in your tender, benevolent core.

Therefore, always remember your spiky shell when dealing with difficult people. Whether at work, in the family, or in the circle of friends: Imagine how common comments just bounce off your strong protective armor. And do not let everything offer you: You also have spines!

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Shell 2: Strong as an ocean

Bigger than everyone else and confident in the middle: your shell is completely smooth and has no sharp corners and edges. It offers security and protection, but is open to the front and gives the view of her innermost free. Only hair-thin cracks on the surface show that even this shell had to overcome resistance. Therefore, the opening is an invitation that should be treated with caution: it is not without reason that hermit crabs prefer to choose this shell shape. Who wants to take advantage of the great openness of this shell, often experienced his blue wonder, when the interior is defended with sharp cancer scissors.

If you have chosen this shell, you have found your place in life. You rest in yourself and can afford to confidently let other people close to you, in addition to the beautiful surface – of course in the frame that you pretend. Because who wants to put pressure on you, quickly feels your other side and makes the mistake of wanting to take advantage of you, not so fast again.

This shell does not sink so quickly – but you should still remember that no one can completely control the tides of life.

Shell Three: Everything in balance

This shell is not self-contained – what for? She does not want to shut the world out but is open on all sides. This was not always an advantage for them: The wild sea has almost completely washed out and shimmered their radiant pattern – and yet the pattern on the edge continues to radiate vigorously. Of all the shells this is the most balanced: The rough and the smooth side hold each other in the balance.

If you have chosen this shell, you are extremely flexible and can adapt to new people and situations faster than others. If life wants to rip you off the ground with a nasty tidal wave, you just let yourself drift – and quickly swim back up.

You succeed above all because your personality is very balanced: You can approach other people with feeling and meekness, but also show them without any problems, that your hard side is not any smaller.

The constant change between these sides of your personality is your greatest strength. You know that life can never be perfect – the main thing is that you always adapt perfectly to the new circumstances.

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