That helped me the most after my dad's death

Our author tells us what helps her most in her grief. 1495 Losing my parents before I grow up and being strong enough to handle it has always been my biggest fear. All other fears, eg. B. to go alone in the dark cellar or a

car on laid down with time and experience. Only this one fear has haunted me since I could think about all my life stages. Unfortunately, this fear was (*). January 77 Reality. I was already short on this day (*), but not yet grown up or strong enough to handle the death of my father . And stupidly, just with this fear 60


(. The thought that my dad would chill on a cloud with our white shepherd dog and give her a few balls from time to time would definitely have had something constructive. After all, I had my dangerous half-knowledge of the law of conservation of energy, which allegedly says that energy in our universe is never lost, but only ever transformed. So at least I could imagine that part of my father's energy had passed to me after his death. 🤨

Dad is always right He was a really great, lovable, loving, responsible and very smart person whom I have always admired. In one of our last conversations (which I did not know then, my dad died very surprisingly for me!) He said to me, that he believes in me, is proud of me and convinced that I am going my way , I do not remember the exact wording, but the message was clear. And that impressed me deeply, because I never saw my father as someone who carelessly gives such things. Job that made me deeply unhappy, financial problems and as you can imagine, I was mentally in a pretty bad shape. () - and Dad was always right! My father enriches my life - until today , it rained in northern Germany for a few weeks (no joke, check the weather records!) and my life only uphill

: I changed from my professional hell in my absolute dream job, got (despite a manageable Salary😉) my handling of money under control (for me the magic word was simply "setting priorities") and my self-confidence rose easily to a solid level, where you get really keen on life again. r predestined that such things happen. My dad once told me that as a young man he was unsure and only from (*) really became self-conscious. But in my case something else played a big part: He believed in me and certainly had good reasons for doing so. So I started to believe in myself . And that was obviously the decisive step for me to find my way, which makes me happy.

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