That tells you your relationship with his mother about you

Bad relationship with your mother in law (in spe)? Oops! Then maybe you should sit down …

In series, films, books, reality – the relationship with the partner’s parents is a big issue . Friends, daddy are not enough for their princess, moms who despair over the nonexistent cooking skills of their daughter-in-law and sometimes insurmountable conflicts that burden above all the partnership. But of course there are (fortunately and often enough!) The opposite: that the parents understand each other perfectly with the partner and the whole family grows together to a big, happy family. All a question of character – and, it seems, first and foremost of his own …

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Reflection mother-in-law

If you are one of the kind of women your mother-in-law can not stand to die for, then we have a really interesting info for you: Men have a strong tendency to choose a partner that resembles their mother . Yes, that’s exactly what we looked at. As a study commissioned by the British dating site “eharmony” found, almost two-thirds of the men’s ladies, they remind – in terms of their character – to mom. To assess 18 personality traits were queried and compared.

But that’s not all!

Relationship professionals, psychologists, therapists, neurologists – all agree that the majority of men tend to be more attracted to the type of mom than to a completely different type of woman because of their cognitive and emotional impact . Her mother is, so to speak, her first great love, the first woman with whom she has had positive experiences and agreeable feelings – and this binds together more closely or directs her more towards women who address these feelings than any willpower or rational goals ever could.

And if he has a bad relationship with his mother now? Well, even then you will have a very good chance of being a man if you are like her. Because for our brain or subconscious are bad experiences that we have made (and survived), still more confidence-inspiring and inviting than completely new experiences – which theoretically could be even worse than the ones we know.

Relationship with the mother-in-law provides information about your self-image

So, it’s quite likely that you’re more like your mother-in-law than you know . You find her overprotective? Maybe she gets in the way of your caring nature … She is animal stubborn and always wants to prevail? Would you possibly not notice if you were the indulgence in person … But if you understand yourself super with your mother-in-law, that speaks very much that you (like you) are largely balanced and with you in the pure …

In any case, so it can not hurt (but even be worth the contrary) to work on your relationship with his first love and to question, if necessary, interfering with your relationship concretely. Because you probably learn something about you in the first place.

By the way : Of course, we are just women in this regard, as are men. We too are often attracted to men who remind us of dad or mommy women. For more information, see our articles ” Why are you in love? ” And “Being in love “.

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