That's how you talk to children when you do not have one yourself

For parents, of course, for all the other quickly an unpleasant situation: How to talk to a child, if you have no experience in dealing with them?

For people who feel completely under pressure even with normal small talk, a conversation with children is a real stress test. Platitudes like “But you are big!” and “Do you like the school?” We usually did not like ourselves even as a child. And anyway: Does such a small child ever understand everything that is said to him?

For those who feel uncomfortable in this situation: do not panic! If you keep these five points in mind, you’ll soon realize: children are often the much more interesting conversationalists!

1. Take children seriously

Your conversation partner is in kindergarten? Then you do not have to suddenly talk as if you work full-time at the Kaspertheater. Disguised, high voices and cute reductions (“but you have cute shoes on your feet!”) Are as popular with children as afternoon nap and raw broccoli. Children are – surprise! – even only humans, and none of us may be treated from above. Sure, those who have little dealings with children quickly think that all five-year-olds tick similarly. But have you ever had a copy of your peers? Are you today? No, of course not. So: forget how you think you have to talk to children and just get involved with your counterpart.

2. Goes at eye level

If we are already on the point of not talking to children from above, you can take that literally! If circumstances allow, bend down or kneel down so you can watch as you speak. It’s much nicer for both sides, right?

3. Comparisons are allowed

If we are already on an equal footing, you can also stay there content and make a connection to you. As adult foreign bodies, we are a bit scary for children – they do not know us either. It can help to reveal something about your life. So instead of the interrogation question “How do you like the school?” I’d rather say something like, “You just came home from school, I always thought that every day, as a kid, it was best to come home, did you?” Or: “Great T-shirt – something I would like to wear in the weather now.”

4. Do not be afraid of too much information

Often, such a question can cause a true waterfall of exciting things in child life. In that case, do not even try to close the locks again. Just sit back and strapped on – you’ll be amazed at how quickly the conversation jumps in the blink of an eye from a funny cat in the neighborhood to your favorite ice cream to a teacher who said “not health” the other day after sneezing can. Promise: In a minute you learn more than an hour in conversation with an adult.

5. Relax!

Soon you realize: Talking to a child is no different from other people – only a bit more direct. This also means that children suddenly ask their parents’ horror questions like “why are you so fat?”. Of course they do not do that to offend you – they are just curious and have no locks in their heads, which should not be asked. Therefore: do not be offended. Instead, ask directly back (“No idea, why are you so small?”) ​​Or simply contradict (“No idea, I’m not so fat”). And rejoice over the terrified face of mom and dad, who are totally overwhelmed by the situation, unlike you!

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