That's the only thing I love about being pregnant!

May I introduce myself? My name is Katrin, I’m 30 years old and pregnant for the first time. I’m not a fan of pregnancy itself – but there is one, one thing I love about being pregnant …

When you’re pregnant for the first time, you’re not prepared for anything – no matter how many moms you talk to, no matter how many books and articles you kill. How a pregnancy really feels, you only know when you’re pregnant. Not least because every woman experiences it differently.

I think it has hit me quite well when I compare my health with that of other pregnant women. I was not immune to nausea in the first trimester, but I was spared vomiting. Currently I’m in the 27th week of pregnancy and do not have to complain about swollen feet, like other mothers I know at this stage. The growing baby belly has indeed reduced my condition (especially when climbing stairs), but does not stop me (yet) from sleeping on my back.

How a pregnancy really feels, you only know when you’re pregnant

Nevertheless, I can imagine more beautiful than pregnancy . I’m not one of those mothers who think the pregnancy is “beautiful,” “soooo great,” or “gorgeous.” But rather belong to those who complain about the circumstances, because they make everyday life difficult. I’m sorry, but I can not say anything positive about prolonged fatigue. And even the renunciation of the glass of wine at a chic restaurant visit does not make me jump straight joy.

Well, enough bitching. Because there is one thing there for which I can warm myself during pregnancy. And for me it is indeed unique, almost magical – because you can never really experience it outside of pregnancy: the baby’s kicks in his own stomach.

It is only then that you realize that your own life is developing in the abdomen

I’ll never forget how, for the first time, I felt something move in me. Although at that time you already know about his pregnancy for a few weeks, you realize only then that there is a life of your own – in the middle of you!

The baby’s movements become more and more intense over time. They are more noticeable and sometimes even become visible. Also, I will not forget the moment when my boyfriend and I were in bed in the evening and suddenly I said, “Oh my God, did you see that ?!” I could not believe that the child movement can be viewed properly from the outside. This curvature, this little bump that slides over your abdominal wall in a kind of wave motion. Once, twice, three times.

This curvature, this little bump, which glides across the abdominal wall in a wave motion

It is incredible. Incredibly exciting. Incredibly unique. Incredibly brilliant. At that moment, one becomes aware of what nature is capable of producing. From a pile of cells a tiny human being emerges – and that in his own body.

I can not say other than that I love this indescribable feeling. I do not mind that little Fratz is most active in me in the evening, when I come to rest and relax. On the contrary, only then do I have the time to devote myself to this little miracle, to look at it, to touch it.

How every movement feels is spectacular. Usually you feel the feet, sometimes the arms of the baby rumfuchteln. Sometimes it is a light, rapid pressure, comparable to a gentle throb; Sometimes it is a long kick that amazes you.

You will never forget this exclusive experience – the unique selling point of a pregnancy

Maybe part of the magic is that these movements are so transient. Capturing them on a video, let alone taking pictures, is nearly impossible. At least I’ve failed miserably so far. But maybe that’s not necessary. This unique exclusive experience will never be forgotten – it happens only during pregnancy and never again.

So, if there’s something I value more than anything else in pregnancy, it’s the baby’s movements, vibrations, impulses that I feel inside me. This phenomenon, even the unique selling point of a pregnancy, is what enchants me as an expectant mother – and completely compensates for all the inconvenience of pregnancy …

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