That's what he wants to tell you when he puts his hand on your leg

Does your friend always put his hand on your thigh in the car? Have you ever thought about what that could mean? We clarify.

It’s such a typical situation. You sit with your loved one in the cinema or in the car and swear, his hand goes to your leg. Does not feel bad – but why does he do that? This question was discussed on the website Quora . The Essence: While some men said they only wanted body contact, one user gave a particularly interesting answer:

According to Mark Stellar’s assessment, a man wants to emphasize his authority and make it clear: “You belong to me!” Sometimes, however, he can also let the carer or protector hang out, according to the motto “Do not go anywhere, baby, I’m always there for you!” , According to his theory, only self-confident men do that – shy ones would rather leave their hand with them.

Aha! We have to say: Does not sound so stupid, what “Mark Stellar” says there. To be honest, though, we prefer the protector variant instead of the possessive types. But how good that there is a bit of room for interpretation …

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