“That's what I'd like to change about myself” – voices from the editors

Well, what would you like to change about yourself? Or are you completely happy and satisfied with yourself the way you are? How we BRIGITTE.de-editors are on this question, you will find out here.

Longer legs, firmer skin, more humor? Not quite! Click through our gallery to find out what we BRIGITTE.de editors (male colleagues meant 😉) would like to change to us.

“Actually, I think I’m fine the way I am, but if I had a wish, then I’d send my poor eyesight into the desert, because I do not really like to wear glasses and contact lenses in the office are also pretty uncomfortable Let your eyes be lasered Never, so dear fairy, maybe I wake up tomorrow and can see everything sharp again That would be something … “

Annalena, Head of Website

“I would like to be able to say more often ‘no!’ As a person in need of harmony, I try to avoid conflict as much as superstitious people avoid black cats, which is why I prefer to be a consistent yes-sagress , sometimes it’s worth it to me.The four letters are not that difficult to pronounce.That works, too, if you ask me at the kebab shop next door, if I want my food extra spicy: ‘For heaven’s sake no!’ “

Célin, fashion beauty intern

For example, I would like to put a lot of pressure on myself, put extreme demands on myself, be ambitious and addicted to success, and I think so not at all cool, because these qualities in the past have often driven me to the end of my powers and overwhelmed me and distracted from all the things that I love about myself and my life, meanwhile I have a very close watch on my doggedness and my aspirations, and also already making huge strides towards a healthier attitude to achievement and success – after all, something that breaks me down can not make me happy, but I deserve to be happy, regardless of my performance. “

Susanne, love editor

“Actually, I like it very much, but my indecision drives me insane – and not just me, my family too.” Basically, I’m pondering all day, “What if …” and “If I had .. . “or” Maybe I could … “. And then a lot of time goes by before I really tackle some things or they just fizzle out – like my much-needed retirement plans, my plan to play the guitar, or the step of freeing myself from an unhealthy friendship. Thinking about what one could and should do, looking at the situation from all sides and balancing individual aspects, I am a master at that. But it does not work. And that should change, I work on that. Because only to think costs more power and time in the end than simply do. I started with my finances! Yes, just do it, baby! “

Julia, Mom and BARBARA.de editor

“I am convinced that if you want to change something in yourself, you can do it – we have it in our own hands – for example, I would really like to be more laid back, but I work on it – I practice daily not to jump at everything right away, but rather Seek the small space between a stimulus and my reaction, and I rejoice every time I perceive something more consciously, so that I can decide for myself how to react, and so it is with almost everything in life, even that which we ourselves are not We may be able to influence the situation (our height or our voice, for example), we may not be able to change the situation ourselves – but we can change the importance of something to us and focus on our thoughts and feelings a conscious decision. “

Florian, current editor

“Actually, I know exactly what I want, if only this little word were not” really. “If I had a wand, I would change this to myself: I would like to act more consistently for my well-being ! I am now too empathetic Sounds not so bad at first, but too much compassion is not always helpful – at least for me For the others, certainly My intention: If I do not fancy certain meetings … or, to put it bluntly, if I’m referring to certain people I do not feel like it, I have to get away from them for better or worse, sounds hard, but people develop and that’s a good thing! And that’s why it’s not so bad to break contacts, right? I do not need the wand, I’m working on it. “

Sarah, living editor

“I always try to perfect everything: to deliver perfect work, to write perfect lyrics, to keep perfect order, to have a perfect partnership, to be a perfect friend, never to make a mistake, and even though I always try 110 percent And yet I often fail to make everything perfect, because there is always something that I could have done better, something to put up with, I am a master of self-criticism, and I realized how much energy I have I have to learn to screw down my exaggerated demands for perfection, because it is simply impossible to be perfect, no one can do that and no one has to. “Courage to fill the gap,” advised me This is what makes life much easier, and it’s much more important to be content with yourself, to be happy, anyway. “

Simone, beauty editor

“Basically, there’s not a thing I want to change that may sound arrogant at first sight, but it’s not meant to be that way, of course I have character traits that bother me, for example, I can sell very badly On the other hand, this is exactly what forms part of my personality, and I would certainly no longer feel comfortable if I suddenly mutated into rampaging, but that does not mean that I am resistant to criticism: I take criticism to my heart and, if it is justified, change my behavior – after all, I do not care less about the opinions of others. “

Kira, food editor

“I would like to be more patient – not only with my fellow human beings, but also with myself. When I make a great effort and consciously pay attention in a critical situation that challenges my patience, I manage to do so every now and then – unfortunately too rarely. In the long term, I would probably have to focus on more mindfulness and meditation, and the classic three-times-deep-breathing … “

Katrin, news editor

No question: who is constantly quarreling with each other and can be so unsettled by their self-doubt that they no longer make a decision alone makes life unnecessarily difficult. The perfect person does not exist anyway. After all, we learn from our mistakes as well as from each other. After all, our flaws and weaknesses make us human, lovable, unique and special. Everything completely clear and important to internalize.

But! Does self-love or self-awareness automatically mean that you do not want to change anything? I do not think so …

Surely I find it admirable and great to hear when someone says that she is exactly what she wants to be, and therefore would not change anything in herself. But in my opinion you can change yourself because you love yourself .

Suppose I recognize that certain habits or characteristics of me make me unhappy in the long run and rob me unnecessarily. For example the tendency to always want to make everyone right or to step into my fears and worries. Then it would be clear that I would like to work on it and change my bad habits – to do myself a favor.

In such a case, is not the desire to change just an expression of self-love ? Or is the mere confession that I make myself unhappy, an admission into a lack of self-confidence? Again, on this second question, I would say again: I do not believe …

After all, the fact that a person’s personality changes over the course of his life is known anyway. And that we can decisively shape this change with mindfulness and practice, too. Is not just an important part of self-love to accept the first and use the second for yourself?

Probably the key question is why a person wants to change: Because she believes the way she is, is not she okay or lovable? Or because she wants to do something good for herself?

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