The 15 most beautiful beaches in the world

Powdered sugar sand, palm trees, crystal clear water: Which are the most beautiful beaches in the world? At Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award, vacationers have chosen the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The most popular beach in the world is located in Brazil, more specifically on the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha in the Atlantic, about 350 kilometers from the mainland. It takes about an hour’s flight from Recife or Natal.

Providenciales, mostly called “Provo”, is one of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Provo is located about 200 kilometers north of the Dominican Republic and is a luxury destination with very long beaches and largely intact coral reefs. Sascha from Switzerland writes: “Without many words one of the most beautiful places in the world, the beach is spectacular, it could not be better, simply beautiful.”

The small (and in summer very populated) rabbit bay is located on the island of Lampedusa between Tunisia, Malta and Sicily. However, this is just a dream destination for people who can hide the fact that tragedies with refugees from Africa have been taking place here for years.

A beach with this name can only be heavenly. The super-relaxed Playa Paraiso is located on the island of Cayo Largo del Sur off the south coast of Cuba. Janina from Münster raves: “We have been to many beaches and this one plays in the upper league, we were almost alone, nothing built in. Really fantastic!”

Place 5 leads us to Spain, more precisely to the island of Formentera. The island south of Ibiza has one major advantage: There is no airport – and therefore no tourist crowds.

Maria from Düsseldorf writes: “It’s going to be my new favorite beach in Europe, so I’m looking forward to being back next year!”

No beach chairs, no umbrellas, no hotels: At the dream beach Anse Lazio are only rounded granite blocks like whales in the sun and one or the other vacationers, who need a break from splashing or snorkeling. Anse Lazio is located on the northwest coast of Praslin, the second largest Seychelles island. “Fantastic – in every way, the beach is great and the water is so blue like nowhere else,” writes a user on Tripadvisor.

“Calm, warm water and a gently sloping sandy beach. Very relaxing. This is probably the most beautiful beach in all of Asia, “writes a tourist on the White Beach. It is located on the island of Boracay about 300 kilometers south of the Philippine capital Manila.

Why do not we ever travel to Puerto Rico? Maybe choosing Playa Flamenco as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is reason enough to think about it. One kilometer long is the great sandy beach on the island of Culebra east of the main island of Puerto Rico. Sabrina from Bad Dürkheim enthuses: “Turquoise water, fine sandy beach, the sound of the sea! Let your soul relax! One of the most beautiful beaches in the world!”

We are a bit surprised, why the unreally beautiful Whitehaven Beach on the Australian Whitsunday Islands only came in 9th place. The Whitsunday Islands off the northeast coast of Australia are part of the Great Barrier Reef and are great for snorkeling and diving. The special feature of Whitehaven Beach: The sand has a quartz content of 99 percent – that’s why it is almost snow-white. “The whole beach is completely untouched, no shops, no restaurants, just the beautiful nature,” commented a tourist.

Place 10 leads us to Greece. At the southwestern tip of Crete is the small island of Elafonisi, which can be reached in quiet weather even on a strip of sand on foot. The sandy beach is colored pink by tiny mussel particles, in the background tamarisk trees sway in the wind. “The sea was calm and beautiful, the light blue water and the pink sandy beach offer a true splendor of color, just like in paradise,” writes one user.

Camp’s Bay is considered the Côte d’Azur of South Africa – just a few miles from Cape Town’s center. Cape Town’s luxury beach is less about swimming (the Atlantic is often fresh) than sunbathing and lounging. “See and be seen, you have to have been at least once in your life,” writes a tourist on Tripadvisor.

Havelock Island is the most popular of the Indian Andaman Islands – it is great for diving and snorkeling, but the hustle and bustle in the water can also be comfortably observed in glass bottom boats. “Have you ever seen a beach with such fine white sand and a bordering jungle in front of the panorama of a wonderful mountain?” Asks a user on Tripadvisor. We have – but not very often.

Constant sun, heat and hot beach? Not for everyone. Therefore, place 13 leads us into cooler climes. More specifically in the seaside resort of Woolacombe in the English county of Devon with its almost six kilometers long sandy beach. “A heavenly beach, which stretches over 5 km, even in inclement weather, it is beautiful here, in good weather, it is a real delight,” recalls a tourist. Through Woolacombe also leads the 1014-kilometer long-distance hiking South West Coast Path.

Siesta Beach is located on the island of Siesta Key off the west coast of Florida and has been awarded many times for its beauty. Beach expert Stephen Leatherman, also known as “Dr. Beach”, voted the beach the most beautiful in America in 2011. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has also awarded him the World’s Finest, Whitest Sand Prize. The beach is so white because it consists of 99 percent quartz. “An immaculate beach that never seems to end, the dream of every photographer, a place in the sun that you always want to return to”, a user enthuses.

15th place leads us to Central America. And to the West Bay Beach on the southwestern tip of the island Roatán. The reefs off the coast allow for spectacular dives.

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