The BCM diet: Slimming with protein shakes?

The BCM diet promises fast weight loss, especially with a high overweight. How does the program work and is it really sustainable in everyday life?

What is the BCM diet?
BCM stands for Body Cell Mass. Precon’s BCM diet greatly reduces calorie intake by using special protein shakes. The shakes initially replace five daily meals and are then gradually reduced. In addition, at least two liters of water must be drunk daily.

What kind of shakes do I drink on the BCM diet?
The special shakes have been designed to temporarily completely replace the diet. They contain various vitamins as well as minerals and consist mainly of milk protein, fructose, and the nutrient lecithin, which fulfills many different functions in the body. Due to the low-calorie intake of BCM (around 900 calories a day, when only shakes are consumed), the energy store of the body should be emptied, so that the energy required in the future is drawn from the fat reserves. The muscle mass should not be burdened by the protein shake.

The weight loss phase of the BCM diet
During the first two days of the diet, all meals are replaced with a shake, which is drunk every four to six hours. In-between meals are prohibited in the reduction phase to keep insulin levels constant. From the third day, you go according to diet plan on two shakes plus a normal meal, which should contain about 500 to 600 calories.

Whether the normal meal is eaten in the morning, at noon or in the evening is up to the user. Snacks in between are still taboo, the meal break of four to six hours remains. This type of diet is continued until your own desired weight has been reached.

How do I keep my new weight?
To maintain the new weight, the BCM diet recommends eating two normal meals daily and replacing a third with a BCM product such as shake or soup. Between meals, the meal break must continue. After four to six weeks, the weight should have settled down – now you can completely dispense with BCM and eat three normal meals daily.

What are the benefits of the BCM diet?

  • The diet acts as a start for a long-term diet change
  • The shake supplies the user with all important vitamins and nutrients
  • According to Stiftung Warentest, obesity patients (BMI over 30 – our BMI calculator tells you your BMI!) Benefit from fast weight loss

What are the disadvantages of the BCM diet?

  • Like most diets, BCM is difficult to sustain at the beginning
  • Without snacks in between cravings can arise
  • Products cause high costs depending on the duration of the diet

Incidentally, in addition to the BCM diet of Preston, there is also a very similar concept of the company Modicur, which also uses the term BCM, as this can not be protected as a trademark. It is, however, another company with other products.

The BCM diet is not for you? Maybe mono diets like the rice diet or the metabolism will help you? If a crash diet is against you, you can also look into our articles weight loss tips, losing weight without hunger or losing weight without sports.

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