The first kiss: It will be unforgettable

The first kiss with your sweetheart is coming up? Well finally! We’ll tell you how your Knutsch premiere will be a success.

The first kiss and its meaning

Most people remember their first kiss with the first boyfriend or girlfriend. Some have it at 13, others at eleven, others at 17 or even later – age does not matter , for the first kiss there is no right time, which applies to all. It should take place when you feel like it. And interest in allowing closeness, intimacy and maybe even love for a human being.

That’s what the first kiss does best: Two people bring each other closer . And that’s not just for the very first kiss ever, but for every first kiss with a new person or in a new relationship – that’s why many people also remember several first kisses directly. 🥰

The first kiss: why the excitement?

Before the first kiss, almost all the people are excited (at least those who suspect that he is due) and that’s no wonder!

  • First of all, everything you have not done yet is exciting and a bit scary and nothing will ever change that. Basically, the excitement before the first kiss is a great opportunity to practice some nervousness – maybe it will work out right at the first interview with the job 😉
  • Secondly, most are in love with their first kiss and have butterflies in their stomach , which means their body is already in a kind of (positive!) Alarm.
  • And thirdly, many are unsure whether they can kiss properly , but do not want to embarrass themselves in front of the person with whom the kiss is due.

As far as the first two points are concerned, nothing can be changed about that, but millions of people have managed to cope with it – so you can do that as well. On point three: If you have lips, you can kiss too . And if your kissing partner is so important to you that you care what he thinks about you, that’s a good sign anyway

The first kiss: The most important rules and tips

The bad news first: Unfortunately, there is no universal guide for the first kiss . After all, it works differently for everyone. Some are initially cautious and reserved, others are directly passionate and all in – depending on their character and relationship. But now the good news: You do not need any instructions ! It’s similar to when a baby suddenly turns on his stomach for the first time. Nobody has told him how it’s done – it makes it easy when the right time comes, because it’s on it.

The only tips and rules that we can therefore give you on the way are:

  • Follow your feelings !
  • Have faith in you and your kissing partner!
  • Avoid eating onions or garlic beforehand (unless you eat it together)!
  • Look him in the eye for a moment to make sure he wants to kiss you. You may also be waiting for his initiative, but then you should signal him by clear looks or gestures (for example, biting your lower lip) that you are ready.

You and your sweetheart are already one step further? Here are tips for the perfect kiss , for the first time and explain how necking and petting go. And if you’re wondering, ” How does he fall in love with me? ” Or ” Why do you fall in love? ” Or want to know what the tingling in the stomach is all about – you’ll find answers in our articles.

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