The “Ikigai” method makes you happier immediately

Recently, the term “Hygge” (“cozy” or “pleasant”) could not be ignored. Now a new luck trend is competing for him: “Ikigai”.

Are you happy? Difficult question, right? Many of us have to think about it first. Why? Because maybe we have not even thought about whether we found our life content. Whether we arrived and are satisfied in our everyday life.

For those who are still looking for fulfillment, maybe “Ikigai” is just right. The Japanese philosophy of life can help us to discover what is really important to us in life – and what ultimately makes us happy.

The term “Ikigai” is derived from the Japanese “iki”, which means “life”, and “gai”, which stands for “value”. Not only that we can use the method to find out what makes life worth living – what’s more, with Ikigai we should even live longer.

How does Ikigai work?

Take a deep breath and ask yourself the following:

  1. What do you love?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What does the world need?
  4. What can you be paid for?

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The intersection of all these questions is your Ikigai. That is, what fulfills your life. You can also omit the last question, for example, if you are already retired or are not looking for your life content in the job area.

Another possibility: think about yourself during your day again and again: WHY do I do that? What is the meaning behind it? Maybe you will come to your Ikigai this way. Also, try to remember what you were really into in the flow. Meaning, you totally forgot your surroundings, because you were fully absorbed in your activity.

Why do you live longer with Ikigai?

Because it reduces stress, one of the main reasons for rapid aging. Anyone who regularly remembers his Ikigai is more balanced and starts the day more motivated. After all, we always make ourselves aware of why we even get up in the morning.

The Ikigai philosophy of life also includes these 10 principles

In her book “Ikigai – finding the meaning of life in everyday life” Bettina Lemke describes the life practice of the Japanese principle of happiness in ten points:

  1. Have time for dreams
  2. Always stay active
  3. Watch out for a good self-care
  4. Avoid stress traps
  5. Practice gratitude
  6. Live in community
  7. Be the navel of the world
  8. Listen to your heart
  9. Appreciate the value of small things
  10. Stay curious

The following questions will help you to test if something is matching your Ikigai:

  • Does it give me energy? Does it make me more alert and alive?
  • Does it promote my motivation?
  • Is it a reason why I get up in the morning?
  • Does it feel right in my heart?
  • Does it make my life more colorful, fulfilling and rewarding?
  • Does it have a positive effect on my environment?
  • Can I tell others about it with enthusiasm?

And, have you already found your Ikigai?

The book “Ikigai” by Bettina Lemke has been published by dtv Verlag, 14,90 Euro.

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