The last sentence of my ex – I will never forget those words

Sometimes the ex remains only one sentence – leaving eternal marks in our hearts. Here, seven women reveal the hurtful words of their ex-partners they can not forget today.

Sometimes a breakup ends with terribly cruel words. Words that will forever remain in our memories, drawing the burn marks in our hearts, and ensuring that we are eternally shaped by this lost love.

Here, seven women talk about such hurting words that make clear how violently angry words can affect the end of a love. These are words that were sometimes pronounced decades ago – and are still in their heads until today …

A day after he had left me after four years of relationship quite unexpectedly in a few sentences, I called him to ask if he was really sure of his decision. He crowed into the phone in a joyful voice: ‘Yes, I feel so free!’.

I still said “I love you” to you, but that was not true anymore.

You are more like a sister to me.

Would you have your breasts enlarged later if you had the money? (Of course, it was purely for the sake of interest, the question … to get to know me better … or something.)

I have never liked your perfume. (We were together for over two years and I only had one favorite perfume).

I never really wanted to spend so much time with you.

It’s not bad that you broke up. You can easily forget you.

The violent effect of these sentences makes it clear: Who punishes his ex-partner with annihilating comments at the end of a relationship, injured so many times a soul into eternity.

We all would do well to be more loving and caring, even if the relationship is at an end .

Because even if a separation often legitimately sadness and disappointment is in the room – to want to hurt the ex or the ex in the last few meters with evil words, especially ensures that more and more devastated hearts are out there , deep inside hurt and suspicious, out of fear of being treated so badly and hurt again – which means that we all have less chance of one day finding happiness with another person.

Which sentence from your ex has burned down on you forever?

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