The most beautiful movie kisses of all time 💋

Some movie scenes you can just watch again and again, especially with a lot of love and passion! And since the 6th of July is just a coincidence day of the kiss, we put together the most beautiful movie kisses for you.

Fancy prickling, romance and a lot of drama? Then click through our gallery and let yourself be enchanted by our favorite movie kisses.

… the British lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) had to travel in the movie “Australia” to pick up one of the most romantic movie kisses of all time. Actually, the Lady Down Under wanted something else – but if she had said such a kiss with Hugh Jackman No, that would have been very unrealistic 😍

… is not only Brad Pitt as the death in the movie “Rendezvous with Joe Black”, but also this kiss scene with Claire Forlani. Someone here who never dreamed of being in her right place ??? 🥰

… in any case, this sweet bitch from little Gertie (Drew Barrymore) is for her friend ET. That he still wanted to return to his home planet after such a kiss – inhuman! 😉

… come passion, romance and kisses like this between Clarke Gable and Vivien Leigh in the movie “Gone with the Wind”. Also in black and white and 80 years after the release year still hot, hotter, hottest 🔥

… this kiss might have been in the movie “Rocky” especially for Sylvester Stallone. Did the dog like it? 🐶

… is Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack still in this hand kiss scene in “Titanic”. But we know where that goes with him and Kate Winslet as Rose … 🚗

… It is indeed in the movie “Grease”, but also in the famous kiss scene from “Dirty Dancing” is written exactly the same in the face of both parties. Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze – made for each other ❤️

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