The most blatant surges women have ever received: “It was my birthday !!”

What’s the best way to get over a rebuff? With girlfriends and humor. Women report the worst baskets they have ever had.

You got a basket? You’re not alone with that! True to the motto: “worse is always!”, We have collected the scariest experiences.

Yes, even the most beautiful, self-confident and exciting women get a lift. Only one does not like to talk about it. Because usually such a basket hurts a lot – and who likes to be vulnerable? We! After all, it is this vulnerability that makes us human. And to be honest: In the age of abstruse dating trends like Ghosting and Co., only humor helps. That’s why we asked women about their worst abductions .

As the saying goes? Shared pain is half of the pain. When it comes to lovesickness we agree absolutely!

Collectively, the loss then only half as pain – because we are sure: In these cases, our women can just be glad that a partner has adopted early enough.

The worst baskets: women report

“In fact, I’ve seen a few exits, the typical thing is, ‘I’m not ready,’ ‘It’s not enough,’ or ‘It gets too much for me.’ Often I sat around for days afterward, wondering when I’d actually misinterpreted which characters However, two discharges will probably accompany me throughout my life.

The news came via Facebook

“I got to know shortly after the separation of his ex and we got along great, after a relatively short time he said I was his girlfriend, planned holidays to New York with me, introduced myself to his parents, and eventually he became funny and always more distanced, put me on a regular basis – until I found out that his ex had contacted him again After he just canceled me again at short notice, I made him an announcement. “He said he had to think about how we should continue and has days On the third day I got a message via FACEBOOK: ‘I can not give you what you want, I thought we just wanted a good time, but you want more.’ A week later I saw him with his ex-girlfriend in town – quite clearly.

Sechs Sternzeichen steht 2019 die Trennung bevor

"A short time later K. made advances to me, I thought, finally, I found someone! He sent me heart-emojis in the middle of the night, came quickly in the middle of the night, to say goodbye, before he went on vacation, We were from the same circle of friends anyway and everybody knew about it One day I stayed with him and he was invited to a birthday party the same afternoon It was weekend and we knew we would be in town later Only he came up with another girl and introduced her as the sister of the birthday boy, because he had many female friends, so I did not think about it until he ignored me and stuck to him all the time The next day he answered as if nothing had happened, and when I asked him what the action was yesterday, the only answer came: 'There was nothing going on, but we are not together. I could tell you now if I had sex with her. ' He also made it very clear afterwards that our liaison is not going to be solid and I did not understand the world anymore. Everything was over again from now on. Today he is married to the lady named above and has a child with her. "

By the way, we will not get anything ... Another beer?

We had a good Tinder date, we talked well, really, the conversation was very excited, it was all about our jobs, TV series, friends, hobbies ... We were sitting on the Spielbudenplatz on beer benches opposite to us He was just talking about a plot in a funny series, but suddenly he jumped in the middle of the sentence: 'And then the main character jumped into the car - by the way, that will not work for us - and chased the other one after.' Me: 'What did you just say?' He: 'Oh, yes, yes, I do not think this will work out with us, just does not fit, you're not my type, even friendship - I do not need to have enough friends.' Me: 'Uh ... okay ...' He continues to talk about the series as if nothing had happened, I look at my half-full beer and just think, 'Okay, then stop, then get out of the situation - no waste precious time on the guy. ' and I hurry with my beer I cant practically bring it down When my beer is empty and his still half full, but he also makes no move to empty it, I say at some point: 'Soooo ... I want to go now so slowly . ' He looks confused: 'Oh, well, do not we want to drink another one? ' Me: 'Uh, no, you said yes, it does not fit, it's gonna be late.' (it was 8 pm) He tilts his beer down: 'Yeah, well, in which direction do you have to go?' Me: 'direction district XY.' He: 'Oh cool, then we can go a little bit more.' And then he actually rode with me on the train ... It was very ... bizarre. "

Wrong handshake? Dissipation!

"You're so stiff somehow, just like you shook my mother's hand, it's weird." - That was the first and only time I got a fuss over my shaking hands, but hey, when he and his mother felt that way ... So what! "

Abfuhr with back door

"We only had a casual affair but did not meet with others, which I thought was great because, for once, I was not looking for a relationship, but the way he ended our meetings was especially charming: 'I have someone else But if that does not work, I'll get back to you right away! 'Um, sure, I'll wait on the siding for so long, so I told him - irony, obviously, was not his strength. "

Separation on the birthday

"It was on my birthday! On my BIRTHDAY! I was eating with my 'friend', he gave me another bracelet, the week after that our big summer holiday was about to begin and suddenly he said to me (while we were savoring the wine): 'I do not have butterflies in my stomach, it was different with my ex-girlfriend.' I thought that was a bad joke, but no, he was just breaking up with us, we paid directly, the leave was canceled, alas, and I was allowed to keep the bracelet - thank you for nothing! Unfortunately, today I still get racing heart, if he meets me (after two years, of course), I have not yet figured out if that is still butterflies for me, or just rage. "

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