The spring goals of the editors: Here we go now! 🌼

Finally spring, finally sun and light! At least where we go. 12 colleagues reveal where they will travel in the spring.

I love Austria and that’s why I’m there at least once a year. For 2019, my friend and I have chosen spring as travel time – because when everything starts to bloom in the mountains, it’s just beautiful! Where is it going? To Tyrol. We go hiking, eat well and do some wellness, because the combination of exercise, sauna and relaxation is simply unbeatable. Afterwards we spend a few more days in Vienna – meeting old friends, strolling around the city and clearly: eating pancakes! After that I will hopefully be super happy and recovering home …

Anna, Head of Website

Three criteria were important to me when choosing this year’s holiday destination: it should be located outside of Europe, with guaranteed good weather and space for recreation and exciting excursions. Finally decided for Ras Al Khaima. The Emirate is about 45 minutes drive from Dubai and attracts not only with year-round dream temperatures, but also with luxurious resorts that offer everything that the stressed holidaymaker’s heart desires. Excellent food, 24 hour full service and turquoise sea or fantastic pool landscapes. Recreation is definitely capitalized here. And if it may be a bit more action then I just grab a taxi (by the way extremely cheap!), Drive to Dubai and let me sprinkle with the city of superlatives. Alternatively, fast-paced desert safaris or camel rides are also on the program.

Ann, fashion

My favorite destination in spring is Barcelona. Later, in the summer, the locals flee the heat and in the city are only tourists. But no matter what season: Barcelona fascinates me again and again. And sitting in one of the small beach cafés overlooking the sea with the first rays of sunshine at a café con leche makes me relax and recharge my batteries.

Katrin, community manager

My trip in the spring takes me to Vittsjö, Sweden, a holiday resort about 100 kilometers from Malmö. Only a few tourists cavort here, but all the more twittering birds, bunnies and other animals. Long walks in nature, lakes and streams are on the agenda here. And in the evening, the clinking spring cold, you can sit at the homemade fire in the wood stove. Pure relaxation!

Katrin, News

I’m flying to Budapest this spring, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. I’m really looking forward to the Art Nouveau buildings, the thermal baths and the (hopefully) spectacular view of the parliament building right on the Danube. It’s no coincidence that I’m going to Budapest as a coffee lover 😉! The city is known for its coffee houses, of which I want to try many.

Janine, SEO

For a beach feeling, I do not have to travel to faraway countries in the spring. Scharbeutz on the Baltic Sea offers a beautiful beach promenade and North German charm. There are great beach lounges and some fancy hotels. Scharbeutz, I’m coming!

Sarah, SEO

Yes, yes, I know, New York is worth a trip every season. But in the spring, when everything blooms and grows in Central Park and Co., and it’s warm enough to stop and wonder every few feet, the Big Apple is a special treat. Be sure to stroll the High Line and have a good time for wonderful Central Park, if you ask me! Phew, I could do it again …

Susanne, Resort Love

You have to take advantage of having such a large selection of great European cities on your doorstep. It’s also worth a short weekend break. That’s exactly what my best friend and I thought last spring and therefore drove spontaneously for two days to Prague. The great architecture, the beautiful castle and the cool bar culture cut us off the stool. We were blown away and vowed to travel more frequently to cities in our neighboring countries.

Célin, intern

I’m looking forward to a two-week cruise from Mallorca via Portugal, Spain, England and Norway to Kiel. Many new cities want to be discovered in sunny weather without having to pack my bags in between. And on the lake days in between, I can just relax, read and watch the water. For me the best way to go on vacation.

Florian, Head of Social Media

We drive to Halkidiki, on the middle peninsula Sithonia. Mediterranean forests, sandy beaches, sheltered bays: landscape and weather are really great in this region of Greece! And I’m looking forward to the delicious grilled fish. Another plus: you fly only 2.5 hours to Thessaloniki.

Steffi, e-business

Nothing beats Nice in the spring – a beautiful city on the sparkling Mediterranean, which can be fantastically lulled. The food is delicious, the shops are great, in the Belle Epoque houses with their colorful shutters you want to move directly – and the beach is never far. If you still want to see something different, you can get on the train and drive high into the mountains or to neighboring Cannes. PS: The Nice Salad is of course unbeatable here.

Susanne, travel

As with my colleague Katrin, my favorite travel destination in spring is Barcelona. In this city, my holiday preferences can be perfectly combined: strolling on the beach and visiting a city. Anyone who has had enough of the Sagrada Familia at some point just relax in one of the hip beach bars and listen to the sound of the sea. And all at a pleasant 20 degrees – fantastic!

Steffi, health

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