Therefore, women should more often make the marriage proposal

He has to fall to his knees – that’s the way it is? Long overhauled! Here are six reasons why more women should dare to ask the question of all questions.

As modern as we women go through life today, in one thing, many of us like to keep it old-fashioned: according to a poll by the online dating agency “Elitepartner” , 48 percent of women say: The application is a man’s business! In a survey by “” even came out: Only with every seventh marriage proposal asks the woman. We find: Stop old traditions – it’s time to get active!

Because we live in the 21st century

We can vote, we can become a soldier, we can make a career … Even if sometimes we want more equality – in the meantime, we have made great progress in terms of emancipation. So why be so cramped old-fashioned on the subject of marriage proposal ?

Because men are self-confident women

Yes! Most of them do not feel less like a man, but admire it admirably when the friend herself takes the initiative. According to elite partners study, 71 percent of men would leave the application to the girlfriend.

Because sometimes he needs a push

It is indeed so. Some men do not even know that their partner has been hoping for a long time. Or they have already thought about the topic of wedding, but just do not come out of the quark , to become concrete. If you then receive a request, you will notice: Yes, that’s exactly what we were missing!

Because we take our luck in our own hands

When does he finally ask? Many women eagerly wait for him to drop to their knees in front of them with a ring in their hands. If he does not, they are always unhappy. Why not help yourself to the luck and stop his hand? The result is the same!

Because we are much more romantic

Of course, men can make a nice marriage proposal. But let’s be honest: we are still much better in it! Because we are guaranteed to ask him romantically and creatively – without being cheesy!

Because we feel exactly when the right time

That women have greater emotional intelligence is nothing new. We are more sensitive and if our gut whispers to us at some point: Ask him, it’s time for the wedding, we can rely on it in the vast majority of cases.

By the way: In Great Britain, the so-called “Leap Day” will be celebrated on February 29th. The reason: In 1288, the Scottish queen issued a law that allowed women to propose to their husbands on February 29. These had to accept – or pay a fine. Many Britons still use the leap year day to fall to their knees before him. We think: The “Leap Day” should be celebrated 365 days a year – all over the world!

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