These 3 things make you attractive ❤️

Whether you are looking for a partner or a job – a certain attractiveness gives us advantages! Why and what makes a person attractive, you will learn here.

Although we might not admit it sooooooo: Attractive people have at least one starting advantage in most areas of life . Employers impute more energy and flexibility to fit-looking people, who looks appealing, gets compliments without doing anything, and to fall in love with someone, according to the current state of research, should be about as attractive as ourselves ( Other criteria that play a role in finding a partner can be found in our article “ Why do you fall in love? “). The halo effect sends its regards!

The most important question arises: What is attractiveness? And: Can you somehow acquire them …?

Attractiveness versus beauty

In everyday life We tend to equate attractiveness and beauty, but in fact there is (at least) a significant difference between the two concepts: What we perceive as beautiful is strongly influenced by social standards that have become increasingly important over time Change part considerably – this does not apply to our idea of ​​being attractive.

Simple example: Female body shapes . In the Baroque, full-bodied women were considered particularly beautiful, in the () beauty ideal and currently, above all, muscular, well-trained or clearly defined forms (eg, big buttocks, slim waist) seem to be aimed at and celebrated (although, thanks to sensible movements such as body neutrality or even body positivity of course all try to get rid of such ideals …). But as attractive most people feel today as before Years Women with an average, “female” body: Neither over nor undernourished, recognizable curves around the pelvis, pelvis and chest, well proportioned. Attractiveness is obviously a more stable measure than beauty!

Attractiveness: Definition

Literally means attractiveness (from lat. “Ad” = to and “trahere” = drag, tow) basically nothing but attraction , Whom we find attractive, we consider interesting and attractive, besides, we are happy to be near him. That's it. Which person fulfills this criterion, d. H. Who has such an attractive effect on us, decide no social standards and no conscious intentions and intentions such as “I'm not going to the outside” – but primarily our 300 (*) years old brain.

This, in turn, is not interested in what BMI a human has or how clearly his abdominal muscles appear. Above all else, something important to our gray cells is whether we are well-intentioned, whether we trust her and, if necessary, implement certain plans for which we have chosen her . ). For example, in mate choice or search, which consciously or unconsciously plays a central role in the lives of most people, the deepest intentions in our minds are still: sex, relationship, children, growing old together.

Attractiveness: What are the characteristics of attractive people? People are, of course, repeatedly examined in surveys and surveys, and the list of attractive features is now long.

For example, men tend to be particularly attractive when they …

  • radiate self-confidence () have a three-day beard and / or a deep voice
  • tall and muscular …

    • Self-assurance radiates
    • occurs independently

      ( Other properties used in surveys You can find out more about it all over the world in our video! )

      As most surveys on the topic of attractiveness show, there are general general trends , but the exact preferences differ from person to person and also from culture to culture (fortunately – otherwise we would all love the same guy and dating would be an even bigger competition than already …). But the criteria by which our brain judges their attractiveness are largely stable and the same for most people.


Attractiveness: 6 Criteria by which we judge them

If we are looking for a partner for life (and a bit too well, if we as an employer want to hire a competent employee …), we assess him subconsciously mainly on the basis of the following criteria.

  • Health : Evolutionary biological we want from a partner especially one thing: children! But we can only get them and raise them together, if health is everything in order. Therefore, well-fed women act z. B. usually more attractive than malnourished. Even if we do not want children, good health is attractive to many people, because it promises a longer and carefree, shared life.
  • Genetic Compatibility : Whether and how our brains moor that we genetically mate with someone is debatable. Many biologists, however, assume that it can somehow …
  • Self-confidence: Mental health usually plays just as big a role as the physical one. Therefore, people with stable self-esteem tend to be more attractive than very insecure people.
  • Trustworthiness : Known acts on our gray cells basically trustworthy, stranger rather dissuasive and scary. That's why we usually stick to our prey scheme when choosing mates, find attractive types that remind us of dad, and rate their appeal in different cultures (due to our perceptual habits) differently.
  • Quality of life : Will I lead a nice, uncomplicated, comfortable life with this person? Yes, this question also plays a crucial role in our attractiveness assessment for our subconscious mind. A certain degree of ambition, determination, prosperity and competence are therefore attractive.

    () Lucky Potential : Does the person make me laugh? Can I talk to her? Can I enjoy life with her and let go? No wonder that in a direct comparison, the slightly cozier type then more attractive than the Fitspo with its 0.3 percent body fat …

    Granted: If you look at these criteria, our brains are quite demanding and also quite discriminating! However, they are not to be understood as exclusion criteria , ie in the sense that z. B. someone who is physically impaired, in principle, has no attractive effect. It is often enough for a person to fulfill only one or a few of these criteria so impressively that we automatically neglect the others (unfulfilled). In addition, depending on our personality and character, we sometimes prioritize the criteria very differently. While one places great importance on trustworthiness, the other flies especially for potential fortune and a third for proper chemistry.

    In that sense, the answer to the question asked above is: Yes, we can acquire us attractiveness (at least a considerable distance)! For example, by strengthening our 11632876 self esteem , finding a way to go through life with joy, without being disturbed by changing ideals of beauty or by the claim to be as attractive as possible to all people …

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