These 3 zones should have every nursery

How do you keep the order in the nursery? Quite simply: By zoning it! This not only helps to maintain cleanliness, but also helps children orientate themselves.

The two-time Mama Avital Schrieber Levy is a self-proclaimed “childhood designer” and parent coach. With her YouTube channel A Parenting Junkie , she brings thousands of parents to creative ideas. One of them: to furnish the nursery in three zones. The reason: more order, more structure for the child. That’s how it works:

1st Zone: The creative corner

In the creative corner belongs everything that has to do with art. Children love to cut, glue, paint, draw and so on. The creative zone includes a table with chairs and age-appropriate (!) Craft materials.

Plasticine, water and sand can also be found here. All you need is an easily washable floor and enough boxes (the most transparent ones) where things can be stored. Crayons, watercolors, modeling clay, colored board paper, glue sticks, glitter, brush, window color and Co. find their place here.

In this zone, the children should be allowed anything – even to smear the walls if necessary (it is advisable to attach a blackboard and chalk or wallpaper roll over the actual walls to attach).

For inspiration, for example, pictures can be hung, but also flat stones for painting ready or – depending on the season – collected chestnuts, dried leaves or flowers.

Maybe even music can sound in the background and make the children dance? Even musical instruments such as drums or flutes find their place here. Your imagination – and that of your children – have no limits in the creative zone!

2nd Zone: The game area

Playing is incredibly important to children’s development. Nevertheless, less is more! This zone should have access to natural light and provide enough space for kids to romp around.

Lego bricks, dolls, toy cars and Co. can be stored in colorful cloth sacks that children can easily approach.

For this zone, it is best to use a soft carpet that is easy to clean. Teddies and other stuffed animals can be found in this play area, as well as a shelf with puzzle and parlor games.

3rd zone: the retreat

Yes, even children need a kind of rest. If you have a zone in the nursery , you will find a recovered child. But what should the retreat look like?

Whether a small tent, a beanbag or a corner full of pillows and blankets: It is allowed, in which your child feels most comfortable. The colors should not be too bright and help to relax: natural colors such as beige, blue and a subtle green, but also the favorite color of the child, such as pink, purple or a subtle yellow, are appropriate here.

There is also a bookshelf in this area, so that the child can retire and read in peace, if they wish. For the evening hours, lights and flashlights are popular accessories in this place.

This zone is intended to provide the child with a nap, but also a place of privacy when it wants to be alone or cuddling up.

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