These 7 kids milestones should REALLY celebrate parents!

First step? School enrollment? Everything is nice, but for parents quite different milestones count much more.

1. When you need to wake your child for the first time.

Revenge is sweet, so sweet. The joy you have when you wake your toddler for the first time in the morning is not necessarily a nice trait. But, damn it, after being dragged out of bed every day for a little while before six by little patch hands, it still feels good. Maybe because of the unfamiliar feeling of being relatively well rested even for the first time.

2. When it finally can answer “yes” and “no”.

A holiday for all parents! Finally, the quiz game “Why is my child crying again?” It does not even have to be able to say “Yes” and “No” in the finest High German, but even nodding and shaking your head are a godsend. Hunger? A stomach ache? Play? From now on, you can systematically approach every complaint.

3. When it finally gets momentum on the swing independently.

You explained it to your child, for hours. You’ve been rocking your feet back and forth to vividly explain the principle of rocking. With the seriousness of a Nobel Laureate in front of a UN committee, you have presented, explained and swaggered. Just to keep it from “You push!” means, and you with the following 20 minutes with “Doller! Doller! TO YOU!” spent. And now? Past!

4. When it closes the first friendship and makes an appointment.

Let’s face it: very small children are awesome, which baby is next to them, no matter how interested we are in having friends with other yearlings. But: At some point, your child always tells about another kindergarten boy / girl, with whom it was a lot of fun (or the teacher tells you about it, voluntarily, children usually get no information out). And soon it will be the first true childhood friendship. And that is not only cute, but otherwise very pleasant. Suddenly other parents ask you via WhatsApp whether they can take your child with them today – and you have afternoon free time again! Conversely, a visiting child makes everything easier – after all, children prefer to play among themselves and have no interest in you at all. The main benefit: If your child wants to stay somewhere else for the first time, parents have to pull together so as not to show the joy too clearly.

5. If you can finally read him a real story.

No, reading aloud is always fun, of course, even if the books consist mainly of images. But let’s be honest: Of course, we have a lot of books from our own childhood in our hearts closed and can not wait to finally read them. Nothing against fire department pamphlets or bunnies in the love contest – but if you can finally switch to Pippi Longstocking and Harry Potter, the bedtime story will become an event for you to rejoice on a daily basis.

6. When it gets dressed alone for the first time.

In his own way, it’s a lot better than the undisputed and phenomenal milestone of “finally going to the bathroom”. After all, diapers change places in the day-care center, but putting on and off is done exclusively by the parents, who always have at least one hour to spare for this process. Unfortunately, you still have to – “to dress alone” often means for children “The sock, which is half on my foot, stare mute for ten minutes.”

7. When they embrace you for the first time.

It’s not about the tearful on-the-neck braces that are meant to keep you from leaving the nursery. But someday the day will come when you say goodbye to your child and suddenly it will run towards you and hold you tight. Simply, because it understands that it has to give up a few hours now and wants to tell you: It’s okay, see you later, I love you very much.

And then you turn away with a lump in your throat and notice that these milestones often reach you faster than you would like.

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