These 7 things happen to your body when you are out of sex

Suddenly he is gone: When sex sneaks out of life, not only does the soul react. How a sex lull affects our body.

1. The susceptibility to stress can increase

In a global survey, 53 percent of respondents said that good sex is a great way to fight stress. Sex relaxes and at the moment we forget intimate togetherness, which makes us stressed – by the contrary, this “relaxation technique” does not apply, of course, when we have little or no sex anymore.

2. Muscle building can stagnate

With little sexual activity, the muscles are rather limp, because: The sex hormone testosterone plays an important role in building the body muscles. It does not always have to be the most athletic positions of the Kamasutra – the muscle tone is trained during sex even in the everyday missionary position.

3. The libido can sink

While it is not that you can unlearn sex, but the body can get used to a sexless state and in a sense to “sex-saving flame” run. As a result, the production of sex hormones may decline, that is, the desire decreases. “Sex is the best aphrodisiac.” Tammy Nelson to Medical Daily .

4. The risk of cold can increase

Also a side effect of sex, which is generally underestimated: It strengthens the immune system. In particular, the exchange of fluids during kissing ensures that cold viruses and bacteria have fewer chances. In a US study, subjects who had sex more than three times a week produced significantly more antibodies than the control group, which had less sex, reports . So if you have a constant cold, you should ask yourself if he does not have enough sex.

5. Life expectancy can decrease

The more orgasms, the longer the life expectancy, a British study found out – with the result related only to men. However, a similar effect is also assumed in women.

6. The risk of heart attack may rise

A US study highlights the relationship between a regular sex life and a healthy heart. A healthy sex life should therefore reduce the risk of heart attack. In addition, the positive effect of short-term increased blood pressure and the increased heart rate, which are typical during sex, are eliminated.

7. The risk of obesity may increase

Point 1) Those who have little sex, produce less testosterone and who produces less testosterone, does not burn so much energy – the risk of overweight increases. Point 2) If the sex is permanently missing, many resort to substitute gratification – such as fast food or sweets, not infrequently is blight bacon the visible consequence.

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