These pictures are proof that love can last a lifetime 💕

That love for a whole life can really succeed is shown by these beautiful pictures of George (82) and Virginia (77) Brown.

For their 60th wedding anniversary , the families of George and Virginia Brown wanted to give the two a very special experience and organized a romantic photo shoot in the style of a wedding – with bridal gown, tuxedo, bridal bouquet and flower crown. The result: many magical pictures full of love, trust and zest for life. Anyone who is still so in love after so many years has done a lot right.

“It was such a happy day, our grandparents have great chemistry, so it was easy to capture all those golden moments,” says wedding photographer Abigail Gingerale of New Jersey, who took the beautiful photos. “Dear Grandma and Grandpa, we love you to the moon and back! We are so thankful for everything you do and hope that you will never stop laughing, holding your hands and you once a day or kiss more often! ‘

On his Facebook page, George Brown writes about the pictures:

I think we’ll try another 60 years!

If that is not the most beautiful declaration of love! You can see all the beautiful wedding pictures of George and Virginia Brown in this gallery. In it, the two also betray their three best tips for a long and happy marriage … 😊

Thank you so much wonderful pictures can show here! Many more beautiful photos of Abigail Gingerale and her husband Andy, who is also a photographer, can be found on her Facebook page and Instagram .

Dalton Mort with daughter Ellora

We wish George and Virgina countless beautiful moments of love from each other!

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For 60 years, George (82) and Virginia "Ginger" (77) Brown have combined love with confidence and happiness.

The beautiful pictures are a gift from their families for their 60th wedding anniversary.

Virginia's wedding dress from " Bridal Suite Boutique " is a delicate lace dream that captures the flowers of " Ivy on Main | Floral Design " beautifully tied wild.

Anyone who has been so in love after so many years has certainly done a lot right.

Each of her paintings radiates so much joie de vivre, familiarity and love.

They met on 2 June 1958 in a restaurant.

Because the restaurant was so crowded, George was unexpectedly placed at Ginger's table. A lucky coincidence!

They quickly realized that they belong together forever.

One year and four days later, on June 6, 1959, the two gave themselves up in a romantic one Marriage the Word of God.

They did not know it then, but there followed a great story full of love, with four children, many grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren!

What an enchanting radiance! The fine bridal make-up comes from " Christine Swope: Hair and Makeup "

They shine like the first day: The elegant wedding bands of George and Virginia.

During the shoot, George and Virginia also reveal her three most important tips for a happy marriage ...

Happiness # 1: "Never go to bed angry." Make up your mind before sleeping. "

Lucky Tip # 2: "Be ready to forgive you, because you'll have to do that"

Lucky Tip # 3: "Always keep your sense of humor, each one Day".

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