This betrays the lineage of your success in life

Happiness at work or scrapping without success – the line of fate could know about it!

The fateful line: Does it decide about success in life?

What is the “fate line”? Career, money, success in life – if you believe in palmistry, you can read many great fates of life on the lines of the palm. The fateful line is one of the most important lines in palmistry. It is the furrow that runs vertically down on your hand between the base of the middle finger.

I do not have them – and now? If it’s missing you, it does not mean you have a career disadvantage: The absence just indicates that you currently have no attachment to a job and you’re still on the move.

Which hand do I have to look at? Women: If you’re under 30, look at your right hand when you’re older, the left. Men: vice versa!

The predictions of the destiny line at a glance:

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