This mother sets up rules for her son's first party holiday

How do you deal with it when the kids start going to parties? This mother is called the probably coolest mom on the internet. She has set some rules for her son’s first party holiday – and Twitter is celebrating it!

Finlay Brockie is 18 years old and wants to start with his boys in his first party holiday to Magaluf, Spain. Of course, his mother is worried, even if her scion is already of legal age. That’s why she wrote her son a set of rules that should have convinced even Finlay with his wit. He shared the rules via his Twitter account.

“Mama’s Rules for Magaluf”

Here Finlay published the screenshots with the text messages of his mother. “I’m starting to worry about your trip to Magaluf, so I thought about some advice,” writes his mother, Lisa Brockie.

1. No alcohol before the flight

“Do not drink before you go to the airport. If you’re drunk, do not let them get you on the plane. Think of the Eminem concert! Although I assume that you can not remember the Eminem Concerto “- that must have been formulated very clearly.

2. Leave the passport at home

The mother warns her son not to take his passport as a document of identification to celebrate. The reason: In recent months he has already lost two provisional passports, three keys, bank cards, money and a wallet. “If you look like you’re over 12, you probably will not be asked for your ID in Magaluf anyway.”

3. Do not forget food

A typical maternal advice that makes you smile: “Do not judge the price of food by how many drinks you could buy for it.”

4. No pool parties

The boy should avoid pool and boat parties, according to his mother. “Do you remember the one time when you accidentally ran into a pond and came home naked and without a phone?” Presumably not, see point 1.

5. If already a tattoo, then please on the butt

Apparently, Finley’s mother has also seen the movie “Hangover” and knows what drunks are capable of party holidays. Her advice: “Do not let a tattoo sting you, or if you have to do it, at least do it on your butt, so you will not be reminded every day for the next 70 years that you were a dork at 18.”

Mutter warnt Urlauber: "Seine Badehose hat mein Kind schwer verletzt!"

6. No unprotected sex

Of course, she is not so naive to think, her 18-year-old still has no sex. Therefore, she warns: no unprotected sex. "Better not to have sex, you do not know where they were before."

7. No nightly calls

Who do you call first when there are problems? Of course mom. Finley seems to have done so many times, albeit to audition his mother's favorite song or to let her talk to some stranger. She can do without it. "I'm just worried then," she says quite rightly.

8. Watch each other

In her last council, Finley's mother hopes for strong friendship and reminds her son to take care of his friends as well. "I'm thinking of who's the most sensible of your group, but I find it hard to name one."

Last but not least

Finlay of course gets the explanation for all the rules at the end of the SMS-flood: "I love you more than my life, so have fun, but come home healthy." Every mother will be able to understand this. After all, you do not want to be a fun-lover, but you also want to keep your child safe.

The rules are well received in the internet community. The mother got the attention of her son with humor and irony and proved that she is not from yesterday. In the comments, Mama Lisa is praised for her words: "I love this mother. I will take photos of these words and advice and use them when my children are ready. Too sweet!"

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