This simple word makes you happier and improves your life

Unhappy, stressed and unbalanced? Then maybe you should get used to using a tiny word more often and consciously …

There are many things we do and tricks that we can use to make ourselves happy. From daily happiness habits , quick happiness projects to routines that will make us happy in the long term – whether we are happy or not is largely due to our own hand, mind and mind (which, admittedly not necessarily easier …). That, in turn, according to the ingenious idea of ​​” myMonk “, can be positively and long-term influenced by a simple word: Enough !

That’s why we desperately need more “enough” in our lives

As humans, it is generally in our nature to strive for “more”. Higher, faster, farther, having more, knowing more, experiencing more, developing oneself and outgrowing oneself. Basically, this is a good quality that motivates and drives us. However, it can also be a burden and put us under pressure to the extent that we suffer – and never was the danger so great that it happens.

Anzeichen, dass du dich selbst nicht liebst: Eine junge Frau versteckt sich unter ihrem Pulli

The shelves of supermarkets are constantly coming up with new products. From seasonal varieties to improved recipes to limited editions - something is always and the influencers on Instagram kindly always point us out immediately. Homes and commodities are becoming increasingly smart, and give us more time "for us" if we work and earn enough to afford the self-catering refrigerator. Juhu! We can z. For example, do a great job of tweaking our body in the gym and learning a fourth foreign language, having a photo taken with whales in South Africa, maybe even getting more followers on Instagram, or working a little longer with the Next Business Class is in it.

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If everything goes, "More" reaches its limits

In other words, when we are standing in front of a field of almost limitless possibilities, our deeply human desire for "more" can become quite a problem. Especially if we have not only a limited circle of other people around us and set as a standard, but a World Wide (Social) Web. Because in that we will always find someone who can, has or experiences something that we can not (yet) have or experience.

And since (as long as our Earth is not broken yet, our grandchildren will probably have other problems again ...) right now in front of such a field, we can only save ourselves by crying for "more" more often and always deliberately set a determined "enough" again.

  • "I do not have to try all the new varieties of chocolate, I really like half bitter and that's enough for me!"
  • "I do not have to travel to all the countries of the world, which, where it really pulls me, are quite enough!"
  • "I do not have to be the first to have the new smartphone, my old one still does it and if that breaks in two years, is early enough!"
  • "I do not have to be as fit and fit as some celebrities or influencers, I'm healthy and comfortable - and that's enough!" and
  • "I do my best and that's enough!"

Everything is fine so far? Hopefully. For now is enough at this point.

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