Three generations tell: “That was the best decision of my life!”

What was your best decision? We asked three women. Spoiler: The answers are always about traveling.

Our series “3 generations tell”

In the editorial department, we regularly discuss topics that move and occupy us – about dating, love, parents, beauty , the meaning of life or about our relationship to the job. It is always striking how different the different generations tick.

That’s why we started the series “3 generations tell” in which women from the BRIGITTE cosmos have their say. It pays to keep looking back!

Today the question is: “What was the best decision of your life?”

Celin (23): Backpacking in Asia

The best decision of my life? To interrupt my studies, activate my sister and do a backpacking tour of Asia. “If not now, when, then?” We thought and plunged into the unknown, calling it “adventure” at the time, our grandmother a “crazy idea.” No matter what, it was the most exciting time of our lives No one can take us in. Dear Granny, that was the best idiot we ever had.

Katrin (30): Walk the Way of St. James

The best decision of my life I met a good year ago. I quit my job, grabbed my backpack and walked the Way of St. James. It was less than 1,000 kilometers from the starting point in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France to Santiago de Compostela and on to Fisterra and Muxia. In the more than five weeks I discovered life in compressed form: all feelings, thoughts, worries, hopes came to the table, laughter and tears accompanied me. Sometimes I enjoyed the way and wished he would never end. Sometimes I tortured myself through the day and cursed, I have ever decided to this ordeal. How the end looks and what you take with you from the pilgrimage, you never know so well at the beginning. It depends on the human being, the motivation of the journey and the life situation from which one starts. One thing is certain for me: this hike has changed me forever.

Susanne (52): Let chance decide

The best decision of my life was to plan as little as possible and only pursue the things that are really close to my heart. Everything else I left to chance. The only thing I really wanted was to live abroad and see a lot of the world, and that’s what I’ve achieved. Everything else has happened: the job after my alleged “breadless” study of literature and even the child I got 14 years ago. I’m glad I almost never sacrificed the present for an imagined future – and ran after no goals that might have turned out to be deceptive anyway.

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