Thyroid: Recognizing Causes and Healing



Thyroid: Recognizing Causes and Healing

Thyroid disease is increasingly considered an epidemic and cause of a wide range of complaints. In fact, depression, autoimmune diseases, weight gain and loss, lack of concentration, hair loss, irritability, sleep disorders and mood swings are thought to be associated with thyroid disease, but almost always the true cause is misjudged. Read about new findings in thyroid research, the causes and new ways to heal.

The thyroid gland is a hormone gland that sits below the larynx in humans. It is approximately the shape of a butterfly, is about 20 to 25 grams in weight, and is usually examined by endocrinologists. Their main function is the storage of iodine and the formation of the thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) and the hormone calcitonin, which are released into the blood as needed. With these messengers, according to physicians, the thyroid regulates important functions in the body: the metabolism, stomach and intestine, heart and circulation, nerves and muscles, personality and psyche, sexuality and even the growth of hair and nails.

The thyroid gland as a scapegoat
If important functions are out of balance, the thyroid must not be blamed as a scapegoat for complaints. Yes, it is of great importance to our health even more than is currently known. But is it also the reason for the health crisis in which so many people are cannot get help? Anthony William, author of “Heal Your Thyroid,” does not consider the small organ primarily responsible: “Thyroid problems are not the cause of anyone getting sick. A disturbed thyroid is simply a symptom among others. Thyroid disease involves much more than just this small gland on the neck. They do not explain the myriad of health disorders that can affect us, and the thyroid gland is not the link.

Unfortunately, doctors are often wrong

Even medicine does not understand thyroid problems, is still a mystery. William to sufferers: “If you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroidism or any other thyroid problem, you will most likely not get the best possible treatment, because without knowing the root causes, medicine does not have much to offer. Regrettably even the most advanced insights on the thyroid are not enough, and unfortunately, a significant proportion of them are simply wrong.”

Illness not self-inflicted

But, according to William, symptoms, and illness are neither self-inflicted nor created; attracted, manifested or conceited. “You are not sick because you are a bit gaga, lethargic, weak-willed, broken from home, or hardly able to do anything by yourself. Your body has not let you down” he reassures patients.

Thyroid disease includes more than just this gland
William is sure to have identified a virus that causes significant limitations such as sleep disorders, weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, hair loss, infertility, mood swings. Those affected would often endure years of inexplicable symptoms and be depressed with depressing explanations and medications that would only worsen existing problems. Moreover, laboratory values would often not suggest thyroid disease, although these are clearly established. “You are being alerted to all sorts of malfunctions, and that may feel like you’re somehow broken”.But do not worry: your body is not working against you; you do not imagine your complaints.

The thyroid virus as the culprit
“Here is something far more fundamental and comprehensive, something more invasive, responsible for the long list of diseases attributed to our thyroid, namely the thyroid virus.”Anyone with this common virus either already has thyroid problems, or they are starting to get infected. This virus does not just affect the thyroid. By the time it reaches it, it is already in its third stage, and it has already given you trouble, even if you have not noticed anything conspicuous. “Lymph nodes and liver are often affected in advance.

For William, the thyroid virus is responsible for the diseases attributed to the long list. “Anyone who has this virus is already suffering from thyroid problems, or they are starting to get infected. This virus does not just affect the thyroid. By the time it reaches it, it is already in its third stage, and it has already given you trouble, even if you have not noticed anything conspicuous. It also triggers symptoms and disorders that are not associated with the thyroid gland, and it could well be that all of your health problems go back to this source. ” 

How to fight the virus?
“When attacked by the thyroid virus, it seeks a pathway from the bloodstream to the lymph nodes and from there to organs such as the liver and eventually to the thyroid gland, eventually overriding the central nervous system.” Experiences such as divorce, trauma, or childbirth are common triggers “that cause the latency virus to become aggressive, leading to thyroid problems.” But exposure to mercury, mildew, insecticides, or a vitamin B12 deficiency can also act as a trigger. 


Starve the virus
For William, it is clear: Who fights against this virus, which must not feed him. However, gluten, eggs, rapeseed oil, heavy metals, and medications let the virus thrive, leaving “thyroid and other viral symptoms”. If these and other foods are regularly on the menu, “the virus is creeping; it thrives and releases copious amounts of waste that migrate to the brain to disrupt the circulation of neurotransmitters.” On the other hand, there are many foods that fight the virus, such as Artichokes, apples, bananas and certain supplements, for example, offer the body a chance to recover.

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