Time out in the monastery: I’m off!

Mindfulness and meditation are getting more and more popular. Do you also think about a short break in the monastery? We help you with your decision.

Time out in the monastery

6 reasons for a break in the monastery:

In the meantime, many monasteries offer guests a day’s stay or even living for a few days . While you might have thought crazy 20 years ago, visiting a monastery today is almost normal.

Today’s time is characterized by fast pace and consumption .

  • How often do you find moments of silence during the day?
  • How often, however, do you rush from appointment to appointment and can not even manage to eat in peace?

There are many reasons for a break in the monasteries , but you do not necessarily need to look for them. If you are curious about an unknown experience and you love the monastic life – just do it!

  1. Find time to think (personal crisis – before a difficult decision)
  2. Relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life
  3. Learn to live without TV, Smartphone and Internet for a few days
  4. Read more
  5. Conduct in-depth conversations and sing together
  6. Intensify relationship with God or simply experience spirituality

Time out in the monastery: Meditation as a new trend?

Mindfulness still does not get the status it deserves in society, but due to more and more books, videos and lectures, we are becoming more and more aware of the topic.

Feeling every success person now swears by meditation – maybe you also ask yourself: how can I get a better access to the topic?

  • Alone, you can not get up to go in for a few minutes a day?
  • Is anyone ever bothering you?
  • You do not know how to endure silence?

Of course you can also go to Vipassana meditation and meditate for days in community. For the entry, however, a pretty hard bread! On a monastery holiday you can also find time for walks, for reading or just to think .

A break in the monastery can help you to get to know yourself more intensively and to restore a better connection to your inner self! For a personal report look at our article on the holiday in the monastery  .

Time out in the monastery: Where can I go?

If you are still very uncertain about a visit: Inform yourself first on the Internet about monasteries and their offers . Maybe there is an interesting destination near you. Most monasteries are also open to less religious guests.

You can also stop by the monastery for a few hours or a day. Keep in mind, though, that this time is too short to truly enjoy the benefits of a conventual vacation and to really relax.

There are already some 300 monasteries in Germany that welcome guests for several days as a “monastery hotel.” We want to give you three renowned monasteries as a first orientation:

  • Arenberg: The monastery run by the Dominican Order in Arenberg definitely has an extremely broad offer. Even if the monastery life is not a wellness holiday, Arenberg offers massages, gymnastics, physiotherapy and a six-hectare monastery park. The Vital Center has a sauna, a swimming pool and a gym . The variety of this monastery will certainly not tempt you to boredom.
  • St. Marienthal: The abbey in Saxon Upper Lusatia, which was founded in 1234, is the oldest Cistercian monastery in Germany. In the spiritual reflection you help in St. Marienthal different fasting courses, singing and the great environment in the country triangle Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. You can rent bikes to explore the area.
  • Hegne: The monastery Hegne near Konstanz on Lake Constanceforms a great backdrop to leave everyday life behind. Sometimes targeted pilgrimages are offered to Hegne . In the monastery itself you can put together your program from dance to health from various modules. A stay is possible up to 3 days in the local house.

No time out in the monastery? 4 practical tips for a stress-free everyday!

Regardless of whether you go to the monastery or not – as long as you do not become a nun directly, your everyday life will catch you faster than you thought . So you do not immediately fall back into old patterns, make some arrangements to give you enough room to switch off in the future !

1st mobile-free day:

The smartphone accompanies us from morning to night. Sometimes you wonder, who actually owns whom? Can you manage to get by without a smartphone for 2 hours without despairing in sweats ?

Especially for people with family offers the introduction of a mobile phone-free day. How about, z. B. Surrender to your loved one on Sunday and make great trips without distraction? Just ask yourself, how do you find the way … 😂

Alternatively, you can block times throughout the day when you use your phone. Maybe you can restrict it more and more, so you gradually get used to a whole day without a smartphone.

( You can find more tips and preventative measures for smartphone addiction here.)

2. Time for wellness:

Even a hot bath in the evening can make you forget all the worries of the day. It’s best to write a list of which activities will make you feel good and build them into your daily routine. Also, a visit to a spa, the walk to the beauty salon or time with your pet can relax.

3. More time in nature:

It is no secret that we sit too much and spend a lot of time in offices and confined spaces. Try to go outside for a few minutes whenever possible. A walk provides order and freshness in your brain and soul. Also go from time to time to pure nature – in forests, lakes and fields. You will immediately realize that we humans are not made for computers and small rooms!

4. Create quality time:

Make it easy for you to do many things in parallel and then fall completely empty to bed. Live consciously and mindfully . When you eat, you eat and pay attention to every bite. When you meet friends, you’re not thinking about appointments afterwards. Get involved in the things you are doing and start living consciously …! 😉

You would rather learn to meditate? Then the Osho meditation could be interesting for you. Or are you more of a fan of yoga? Do you know power yoga  or tantra yoga ?

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