Timeless First Names: That's what your child is looking forward to! 😉

Timeless names are always beautiful – so at least the justified hope! 30 first names, with which you can do almost nothing wrong.

First name without expiration date wanted!

You do not want to call your baby Max-Wikipedia or Mila-Nutella right now, so that everyone realizes that it is something very special? That would not be necessary, after all, every child is special and therefore does not need a superoriginal first name.

A child may even be grateful to his parents later if they do not get a unique, unmistakable first name – because despite their individualization, people are social and want to belong to it.

Sure, name trends are inevitable and are constantly changing. That the first name of your own child may sometime fall out of time, you can do nothing about it. But endhippe trending names can not only be profusely silly, they are already out of fashion before they ever seemed contemporary. With names like these, you’re almost giving your child a timestamp:

Zoe – ah, was probably born in the late 90s

Cócó-Marie – hm, probably recently hatched

Cloud – aha, maybe still in the making?

Heinrich – oh, that was not the name of the Uropa who fought in Stalingrad?

Therefore, it is not wrong to give the offspring as timeless a name as possible: timeless names have been perceived as beautiful for quite some time and hopefully this will stay that way for a few more decades. After all, the first name accompanies us throughout life – and can have more impact on social status, career, and even love than we want to admit. This has been proven by numerous first name studies.

Small suggestion complacent? 15 timeless names that we find beautiful

Timeless first names for girls:

  • Ann
  • Charlotte
  • Emma
  • Eva
  • Hanna
  • Helena
  • Johanna
  • Julia
  • Laura
  • Linda
  • Lisa
  • Nora
  • Paula
  • Sarah
  • Sophia

Timeless first names for boys:

  • Alexander
  • Benjamin
  • Clemens
  • David
  • Felix
  • Frederik
  • Gabriel
  • Jan
  • John
  • Nils
  • Paul
  • Philip
  • Sebastian
  • Simon
  • Tim

Is something there? We wish a peaceful baby name search and relaxed discussions at the home kitchen table!

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