Top Ten: These are the nice weather cities in Germany ☀️

If you follow the weather forecast, you quickly get the impression that the weather in Freiburg is the best. But that’s not true!

Holiday in Germany is announced. And that is not the only reason why it is good to know where the weather is actually the most beautiful. After all, that’s often the only thing that draws us into the distance: the yearning for blue skies, the sun, lots of warmth and cocktails on balmy evenings under the stars.

The fair weather city of Germany is called … Offenbach!

Travelcircus colleagues looked at and compared the weather data of Germany’s cities. Five criteria were included in their evaluation: average hours of sun per year, average maximum temperature per year, number of months over 20 degrees Celsius, annual rainfall and the number of rainy days per year.

Here’s the winner town betrayed (the other nine discovered her in the video): It is not Freiburg, as one might suspect, but Offenbach has earned the title “Fair weather city 2019”. And for two reasons: The city on the Main is the warmest city in Germany, and summer here lasts the longest.

The sunniest city is called Chemnitz

Incidentally, the sunniest city in Germany is Chemnitz with an average of 5.2 hours of sunshine per year. The city that gets the least sun is Moers in North Rhine-Westphalia. The coldest city in Germany is Rostock with an annual mean of 11.6 degrees Celsius. And in Halle an der Saale it rains the least.

These cities offer four months of summer

Five German cities can boast about having the longest summer – with four months a year, when the thermometer climbs to over 20 degrees Celsius: In Offenbach, Karlsruhe, Mainz, Pforzheim and Frankfurt am Main, the temperatures are from June to September between 20.2 and 26 degrees Celsius.

There are not the most sought-after holiday cities, but maybe this weather data helps to discover a city that is not so popular and crowded, but it is even more surprising!

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