Totally absurd! What men want so much from prostitutes

Has not every woman ever wondered what happens in the brothel? An online survey now gives the answer.

Normally, we do not get any insight into the everyday job life of a prostitute. Questions that you have already asked yourself are: Do the prostitutes have “normal” sex with the suitors? Or: Do they have the special skills? On the online platform “Reddit” , a user asked which bizarre experiences women in the sex business had with their customers. Pretty interesting, what came out …

The weird foot investigation

“I used to have a guy who put me down on the table and took off my shoes, then he took out a dental exam kit, an electric toothbrush and mirror and did a dental exam on my feet for an hour! I was looking for holes, polishing, flossing etc. I had to pretend he was really checking my teeth down there, he never bared his penis, it was so much fun, even if it was funny in the beginning. “

Some like it hot!

“A customer wanted me to scald him in a hot pot over and over again, as long as he could stand it, of course I said: No, I will not!”

The vagina with the face

“One wanted me to paint crazy eyebrows, those who look really bad, then I should have a clown’s mouth, that’s enough on my face. Next, I should paint fangs on my nipples.” And then, finally, a face on my vagina, with eyes, nose and mouth, we had a lot of fun, I do not think he pulled you down, I could see him, we just laughed a lot. “

An unusual penis massage

There was a guy from the VIP area who paid me for a few dances and then he wanted me to step onto his penis with my 18-centimeter high heels. I did it very carefully, and he assured me that I would not hurt him. Then I really got going, stood on it and even twirled it. It was really funny. Then he bought my panties for about $ 50. A really fun night! “

The man shows elbows!

“I was a waitress in a strip club, a guest wanted the girls to rub his elbows …”

Organization is everything

“One customer wanted me to work with him to create the weekly to-do lists for shopping and housekeeping.” He was a young handsome man, maybe 25 and British. “He told me that he’s lonely since his fiancee for That was all she had ever asked him to do, and now she was too busy for it, so he booked a private show every week, we had coffee and worked out the lists for the next week, I got him then wish you luck for the next working day, which was kind of cute and heartbreaking. “

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