Touching words of a mom about her baby with Down syndrom

When Jessica found out that her baby with Down syndrome was born, she was shocked at first. But now, in an emotional post on Facebook, she writes that she would not trade her baby for anything in the world.

To get a baby with Down syndrome? Many parents decide against their unborn child if they find out during a pregnancy that their child is affected. Jessica Young Egan, 39, and her husband, Joshua, of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, were also shocked to learn that their baby was born with Down syndrome.

Nevertheless, she and her husband have chosen for their little Gwendolyn – and thus for a very lucky. This is proven by the very affectionate words that Jessica writes on a photo of her two-month-old daughter on Facebook.

“I would definitely take it again.”

Jessica has processed her feelings and experiences in a kind of product evaluation, as she is known from online shopping platforms. And she makes it clear: your baby is perfect the way it is.

When she has “placed her order”, Jessica writes, she ordered “the normal amount of chromosomes”. After all, that’s exactly what everyone else she knew. But shortly after her order went into production, she got a call: ” You get a free chromosome upgrade “. In people affected by Down syndrome, the 21st chromosome is present in triplicate, so it is also called trisomy 21.

At first, Jessica thought, ” WHY?” She was angry. All the other babies in the “perfect Instagram posts” had no extra chromosomes. But then she decided for herself that “such a delivery is better than none.” In the meantime sweet Gwendolyn is the best present in the world and for her parents. I have my order now for two months and write this review to tell others that the chromosome update is great, if it is offered, take it !” She was very happy with her decision to have the baby: “I would definitely take it back.”

The touching picture with the loving words of Jessica to her daughter has been shared more than 76,000 times. Many people thank the encouraging words and congratulate Jessica and her husband for their sweet baby. It’s perfect and so magical! ” ” What a heartwarming, loving post!

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The pregnancy with the little Gwendolyn arose with the help of artificial insemination, reports Jessica. By the eleventh week of pregnancy, she and her husband had received word that their child would have Trisomy 21.

We were deeply sad for three days, but then we decided to prepare and look forward to the birth of our baby.

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Even before birth, they exchanged a lot with other parents of children with Down’s syndrome and realized that “it’s not something to be scared of, and instead we’re lucky to have such a special and unique daughter . “

More from Gwendolyn?

If you would like to accompany Jessica, her husband and her little daughter, you will find many beautiful and up-to-date photos of the family on her Instagram account ” oursweetgwendolyn .

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