Turin: The best travel tips for a magical city

Turin, the capital of Piedmont, radiates a mysterious magic. Our author Annette Rübesamen also succumbed to him. Since 25 years ago she lives in Piedmont. Rosetta visiting a villa from the (). Century in the hills above Turin lives. In the enchanted garden we sat on a bench under a magnolia and looked down on the city. Like a giant chessboard she stretches with dead straight roads into the plane, disciplined and unreal at the same time. Behind it, the chain of the Western Alps grows vertically into the evening sky. “Did you know that Cesare Pavese lived in our house?” Rosetta asked. “He tells about it in his novel 'The House on the Hill'.” 1732584193

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Elegant Palazzi, kilometer-long arcades, dead straight plane trees

Pavese was the melancholic among the Italian writers of the (). Century. He lived in Turin, and he wrote melancholy and full of poetry about people and sometimes about his city. Pavese comes to my mind on the Turin bridges, because I know that he likes to row on the river Po. Or when I am walking in the shadow of miles of arcades, where wood-paneled cafés still line up and esoteric women lay Tarot cards on folding tables. 32768 4294967295 1518500249

Typical Café in Piazza Vittorio Veneto 1518500249

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the surface a penchant for mysticism, magic and creativity. Turin also works with double floors. The plane-lined avenues of the plane, the austere elegance of the palazzi – all a backdrop! Behind it lies a city full of secrets. With sinister mummies and ancient Egyptian sarcophagi in the world famous Museo Egizio. With the Holy Grail (claim the Turin), which should be located under the church of the Gran Madre di Dio. With the best of contemporary art 1518500249 Italy .



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Restaurants in Turin

Porto di Savona. 11666952 Cozy parlors that offer the classics of Piedmontese cuisine. www.portodisavona.com

Guido Gobino. Turin's best chocolatier sells his sinful creations in a tiny shop. guidogobino.it

bar Cavour. Very popular are the cavernous rooms in gray and gold. Best gin selection of the city and finest appetizers. delcambio.it

Museums in Turin

Museo Ettore Fico. Via Cigna 01, 4456 museofico.it

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