Twelve desserts without cooking to make life easi

Exit the endless waiting in front of the oven, we now put on desserts easy and quick to achieve, all without cooking. Beyond the popular panna cotta and tiramisu , we tend to originality with a recipe mini praline flashes , clementine juice and chocolate way sticks or a cream of avocado sprinkled with cocoa. The most eager among us will be preparing a 15-minute lactose-free coffee in Liège or a pavlova express – a New Zealand and Australian specialty – topped with mango, coconut and kiwi. In pictures, twelve recipes of desserts without cooking that we can not resist.

Mini eclairs praline-clementine and chocolate way sticks

Mini éclairs praliné-clémentine et chocolat façon bûchettes

An original recipe of eclairs mini version.

Marie Chioca

In this easy recipe for mini-éclairs, the puff pastry is replaced by spoon biscuits soaked in clementine juice and topped with coconut cream and chocolate . To achieve in 15 minutes top chrono.

Step by step » The recipe for mini eclairs praline-clementine way sticks



A tiramisu recipe creamy and devilishly appetizing.


We love this traditional tiramisu recipe that wins all the votes at a dinner with friends. And to aim for perfection, we prepare this classic of Italian cuisine the day before.

Step by step » tiramisu recipe

In video, simple as a chocolate tiramisu

Charlotte pear, dark chocolate and coconut

Charlotte poire, chocolat noir et coco

A gourmet revisit of charlotte made from pear, dark chocolate and coconut.

Mont Blanc

To change the strawberry charlotte view and review, we discover this recipe with pears , dark chocolate and coconut that will satisfy the most greedy of the table.

Step by step » The recipe for charlotte pear, dark chocolate and coconut

Cheese Millefeuille by Étivaz

Millefeuilles au fromage d'Étivaz

An original cheese tasting with this cheese millefeuille from Étivaz.

Bernhard Winkelmann

And if, not to choose between cheese and sweet dessert, we bet on this original millefeuille recipe? On the menu: Swiss cheese Étivaz, tea jelly, quince paste, pear confit and grapes. What surprise our taste buds.

Step by step » The cheese millefeuille recipe from Étivaz

Iced cheesecake

Cheesecake glacé

A recipe by Christophe Michalak to taste from the beginning of spring.

Bernhard Winkelmann

Imagined by Christophe Michalak, we love this ice cream cheesecake based on speculoos, lemon sorbet and mango ice cream to replace the traditional cream cheese. A refreshing recipe to test as soon as possible.

Step by step » The iced cheesecake recipe

Coconut mousse and Indian cocoa

Mousse coco et cacao à l'indienne

Cocoa combines with the flavors of coconut and pomegranate.

Bernhard Winkelmann / Madame Figaro

At the same time healthy, fast and greedy, one leans for this recipe of foam composed of dates, coconut milk and cocoa. If it does not require cooking, it will still wait two hours before tasting.

Step by step » The recipe for coconut mousse and cocoa

Trifle shortbread with strawberry

Trifle sablé à la fraise

A quick version of the English dessert.

PL Viel

As soon as spring arrives, the strawberries are back on the stalls. The opportunity to make this tasty English trifle with strawberry and speculoos. To serve fresh and in verrines.

Step by step » The strawberry shortbread recipe

Avocado cream with cocoa

Crème d'avocat au cacao

An original recipe based on avocado.

Bernhard Winkelmann

In addition to not requiring cooking, only three ingredients make up this original recipe: cocoa, avocado and agave syrup. No more no less.

Step by step » The recipe avocado cream and cocoa

Pavlova mango coconut kiwi

Pavlova mangue coco kiwi

A pavlova without cooking? It is possible with this fruity and greedy recipe.

Bernhard Winkelmann

Cream of vegan chocolate, banana and hazelnut with praline chips

Crème végane au chocolat, banane, noisette et éclats de pralin

A vegan dessert without cooking.

Caroline Strothe

Notice to lovers of cocoa sweets. In this vegan recipe, chocolate is combined with hazelnuts, almonds and bananas. To counteract the creamy texture, bursts of almonds add crunch.

Step by step » The recipe for vegan chocolate cream, banana and hazelnut with praline chips

Lactose free cork

Café liégeois sans lactose

A recipe of Liège coffee without lactose.

Bicycle / Photo Press

Enjoy this lactose-free recipe of cinnamon shortbread, coffee yoghurt and egg-less meringue. A quick recipe that suits all gourmands who are eager to eat dessert.

Step by step » The recipe for lactose-free Liège coffee

In video, the recipe of the raspberry vanilla panna cotta

Panna cotta express

Panna cotta express

A simple Italian dessert to make.

David Japy

In fifteen minutes and without passing through the cooking box, we obtain a delicious panna cotta with red berries sprinkled with Breton shortbread. Buon appetito!

Step by step » The recipe of panna cotta express

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