Underestimated Risk: This sentence can save your baby's lif

When does a sick baby become an emergency? Many parents are confused because often only a doctor can tell the difference. In the video you can see, with which guideline you are nevertheless on the safe side!

New parents have more than enough stress: hardly any sleep, endless tears, and all the time the nagging uncertainty. Is the baby really good? Is it crying because of a trifle, or is it really sick? And many other parents and grandparents make things worse with the well-intentioned advice of not always panicking and not running to the pediatrician for every little thing.

This is basically correct – but can be life threatening for the baby in an individual case. Even a “normal” fever can be fatal for very small babies.

Therefore, remember this sentence best:

Every baby under three months has to go to the hospital or doctor for a temperature above 38 degrees.

No exhausts, no apologies: With such young babies a dangerous infection must be ruled out even at this temperature.

How important this sentence is, this report in the Huffington Post shows:

A father describes how he once got this advice from a doctor – and remembers when his child gets a fever weeks later.

Immediately, the family drives to the emergency room, where it is initially ignored and with the hint “is not so bad” abgewimmelt.

Only hours later, blood is taken from another clinic, and the baby is diagnosed with life-threatening blood poisoning. It is followed by days of torture, parents having to listen to their baby’s screams of pain as doctors tell them they should not have too much hope for survival.

After all, an antibiotic still beats and the child can, after numerous other complications, recover completely. “They probably came just in the last second,” the doctors said.

Underestimated sepsis: 70,000 deaths annually

Even such a bacterial infection is still not detected by doctors in time – about 70,000 people die according to recent studies in Germany alone from the consequences of blood poisoning.

Therefore, especially for children of very small infants: Do not allow to drain, and demand a blood sample. Again and again called on this sentence: Every baby under three months from 38 degrees Fever to the hospital or the pediatrician. Better safe than sorry.

Video Recommendation:

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