Unmatched goals: That's why it's dangerous to lose yourself in ideals

Tanja Kindler, fire manager, currently in maternity protection, does not want to lose herself in the ideal of what life should be like.

My life ten years ago was a completely different one. I was traveling a lot for work, and on the weekends I went for short trips. In great cities, the sea, I was fine. But I always thought: with my family I would feel better. When I was offered jobs in New York and London, I did not want them because I thought it was not for kids. And I did not even have a partner! But I thought: Well, it’s time to start a family, because – at the end of 30, you do it like that. Today I would say: I had no idea. And a wrong idea of ​​me and therefore also of the man who could suit me.

This has changed only through a sabbatical. Since I was just thrown back on me and then somehow more open to others. And then someone came, he was certainly not Mr. Right, but I liked him, and that was enough for the moment. I did not intend to do more. And got pregnant. Suddenly and unexpected. It was clear to him right away: that’s it. We are now a family. I just thought: Come on, just let it go, and let’s see .

Today I am glad that it happened. We are great as a family. And we do not have the problems of couples who get to know each other as a couple and later realize that we work in pairs, but as a family we are a disaster. We now live in a house in the countryside just outside the Danish border. I still drive to the sea. Just with the stroller. All is well.

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